Friday, January 3, 2014

Its Goal Settin' Time- The Renaissance Project Revival

Everybody makes New Year's Resolutions, and usually breaks them within the first month. Or maybe that's just me, which is why I stopped making resolutions years ago. Instead, I like to set goals. I am a chronic goal setter. But I am also a chronic non-achiever, in that, I still usually end up falling short of meeting my goals.

At the start of 2011, I started a New Year's project for myself called The Renaissance Project. It was loosely based on a very old diary entry of mine, where I mused that being a Renaissance woman (in a more modern context) is what I needed to be loved (I was like fifteen at the time, and every movie I was watching had the gorgeous, popular boy falling for the artistic, worldly girl. I wanted that so bad, I just had to be that girl.), and also the very definition of Renaissance that was taught in history class- great changes, all for the betterment of mankind. I started the year off fairly well, until six days into that new year, my grandmother passed away. We knew it was coming, she was ready for it (or so she told me every day after she got really sick), but it hurt. It still hurts. We were very close, and it just hit me so hard. I tried to continue with the project. I was determined to finish something for once, because she has seen me try and fail at so many things, but she always supported me. But the pain got to be too much, the depression too great, and after our birthdays in March, I gave up. Then last year I decided to try again. I even made a website to document it and everything (The Renaissance Project). I thought that maybe I'd gain followers, become accountable to someone other than myself, and that would finally be the trick to succeeding. But can you guess what happened? That's right. I wasn't meeting my goals and I gave up. Again. I like the idea of the blog, and that's why I never took it down. And I might use it again. But for now, I will be attempting the Renaissance Project for the third time, and sharing it here. With you. Below are the first versions of the goals I've set for myself for this year. They will change, I guarantee it. I might meet some of them and expand them. Or I might find that they just aren't working and eliminate them. But I will keep up with them and I will keep going. I have to.

Personal Goals:
*lose 20lbs
*visit the Old Zoo in LA
*read 10 books
*keep up with Rat Queens and Sex Criminals
*visit one National Park
*more road trips
*make more time to be creative
*Project Life (by month, not week)

For the Blog:
*four giveaways (first one starts January 13th!)
*more contributors (if interested, please email
*new segements- The  Renaissance Project and Currently
*book/comic book reviews (for reals this year)
*a mini series on explorations from Keri Smith's book How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum
*be a contributor on someone else's blog
*improve my social media presence (especially the blog's FB and Twitter)

So there you have it. This is some of what I hope to accomplish this year. I hope 2014 is everything everyone wants it to be :)

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