Friday, October 28, 2016

Crafting With Feminism

You guys. I'm not an overly huge fan of the F word. I think it has changed a lot from its original intent and I have a lot of feelings about that.

But this book is amazing!! Besides there being a forward by Felicia Day (the best!), there are so many awesome crafts in here (page 91 - the Male Chauvinist Tears coffee mug - is my favorite). Today I'm sharing the Superheroine Wrist Cuffs because its super close to Halloween, easy to make, and I'm pretty sure you can sneak these into the workplace on Monday without anyone giving you any crap for them!

*tubes from toilet paper or paper towels
*hot glue gun
*glitter foam sheets
*glitter foam star stickers
*hole punch

I chose a little bit of a Wonder Woman color scheme for mine. The lining of my tubes were yellow felt, and the outside was the blue glitter fabric. I used the red glitter fabric to make my stripe. With it being so close to Halloween and everyone was grabbing up all the supplies for their costumes and projects, there were no glitter foam anythings left for me lol. But these fabric sheets worked famously, so its all good. 

Cut your tube in half, then measure all your felts and foams to its length. Glue it all down, let it set, then apply your decorations to the top. Again, glue it all down and let it set. The ribbon and hole punch are so you can adjust your cuffs as needed in the back of your tubes. I used ball chain instead of ribbon, because I thought it looked tougher, but be warned that it does wear on the tube pretty quickly! So don't listen to me and do what the author says :)

The best thing about this craft (besides how easy and awesome it is), is that its great to make with friends! Just have them bring over their own tubes, maybe even a treat or drink, and then craft out! Down below is a playlist that Quirk Books recommends playing while making these, I added Miley Cyrus and Bif Naked because I think they fit. 

A super big thank you to Quirk Books for letting me get my feminist craft on! You can check out Bonnie Burton here, and Quirk Books here. Also, get your copy of the book here :) Have you tried any of the crafts in this book yet? Let me know down below!

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