Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WoW Wednesday- Tis the Season(s)

Its no secret that the holidays in World of Warcraft are my favorite thing about the game. The summer months are sad as far as the game are concerned because the only holiday is the Midsummer Festival and that sucks. But Brewfest starts on Friday and I am so excited. Not only is Brewfest a super cool holiday (racing rams, Wolpertingers, and lots of beer), but it kicks off all the other awesome holidays. Halloween is my favorite WoW holiday, and is usually the time of year when you'll see me playing Horde (Halloween in Brill/Undercity- doesn't make much sense to do it anywhere else). Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Noblegarden round out my top holiday picks.

Holidays in the game give the chance to earn cute pets, new gear, and rare mounts. Also, if you're an achievement whore like I am, holidays have tons of achieves to earn. And, if you do them all, you can earn the big achievement What A Long, Strange Trip Its Been (which I have). The bonus to that one is the violet proto-drake and super fast flying. Its time consuming, but you don't have to do it all in a year. It took me a few years to get it, but its worth it.

What are your favorite WoW holidays? Do you enjoy them or think they're a waste of time? Let me know in the comments :)

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