Friday, September 20, 2013

Poppin' Off- Espionage Cosmetics Nailed It

Eternally late to the party, I am finally able to write about the awesome Kickstarter that Espionage Cosmetics had for their new nail wraps.

I had read about them on so many blogs (Geeky Glamorous, The Nerdy Girlie, and Geek Pinata to name a few). And pictures of them kept popping up on my Instagram feed. I kept visiting the Kickstarter page, wanting to make a pledge, but something was holding me back. My horribly bitten nails. I bite them like crazy, and I doubted that these awesome wraps would look great on stubby nails. But on the last day the Kickstarter was open I decided to pledge $25. I think these nail wraps are incredible, and there's certainly a market for it. Espionage Cosmetics received 1,185 backers and raised $71,999 for this project (they had set their goal at $20,000). I'm also using the nail wraps I get for pledging (I chose Zombie Killer, Make It So and Turtles) as motivation to finally stop biting my nails. 

Even though the nail wraps aren't available right now, if nerdy makeup is your thing, you should definitely check out the Espionage Cosmetics website and pick up some of their other stuff.

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