Saturday, April 5, 2014


March was so busy! So this is a recap of what my month was like.


I spent some time reading Divergent(review here) and Insurgent (review soon). I also read Camp Boyfriend by J.K. Rock, and I have something I think is exciting related to that book coming up soon.Other than that, its just been magazines and comic books :)

Watched: Spongebob Squarepants, Strawberry Shortcake and Pokemon. I let my kids pick most of the shows in March lol. 

Listened To: 
Bastille- Pompeii
That was for the kids, since that song was used in the Mr. Peabody and Sherman trailer, every time they heard it on the radio, we had to listen. And we listened a lot, since four of the five local radio stations I listen to played that song quite a bit lol. 

I spent a lot of the last of March listening to Skylar Astin's Mr. Roboto/Counting Stars Glee performance on my IPod. Love him.

Happenings:  The children and I all celebrated our birthdays, mostly happily. The kids had great birthdays and great parties. My birthday was meh, and the night of my birthday dinner, my mother in law decided to tell me all kinds of horrible things about myself. I still haven't forgiven her, I won't. She has said a lot of evil stuff in the past, and I'm just tired of it. But anyway, besides all our birthdays and parties, I also volunteered to work a consignment sale. It wasn't all selfless. I was selling stuff at the sale, and the owner of the sale gives you a higher percentage back on your sales if you work the event. My sister and niece also came to visit for a week. They live out of state now, and my niece was on her Spring Break. It was really nice to see them, and my whole family even took a day trip to the beach as part of their visit, which was nice (its always nice to get out of town, and I haven't been able to do that lately. My husband has, for airsoft games and other airsoft related stuff, but I don't go with him to those things.). March was also filled with crappy allergies, a lot of doctor appointments, and the flu. Oh! And the IGGPPC birthday, that resulted in lots of Happy Mail! One day soon, I am seriously going to do a massive mail post. I have so much stuff to share with you guys :) I also completed one of my Renaissance Project goals, which was to have four blog giveaways. The Stickers! Giveaway made number five, so while I technically hit that milestone with the House GlaDOS Giveaway, I didn't realize it until giveaway #5 (because I am spacey like that). Busy, busy month indeed.

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