Sunday, September 21, 2014

Geeky Confessions

Its just a really good time to confess all your stuff right now in the blogosphere. I shared with you the other day my Confessions of a Blogger, and today I am sharing my Geeky Confessions. Now, this confessional link up came first, but I hesitated to join up because I couldn't figure out how to make my pictures fancy like the other girls (lame! I know.). But here I am, finally getting over that, because everyone's lists have been so fun, and I want to have some fun too. Check out the Gamerwife for the post that started it all, as well as the link up with all the other cool posts.

Many World of Warcraft players hate Blood Elves. They said it was an attempt to make the Horde pretty. And maybe its true. But they are my favorite race to play in the game. I think their starting areas are pretty and yes, I really love they way they look too.

So its no secret that I was late to the Firefly party, only watching the series a few months before SDCC this year. It had set in my Netflix queue forever, and then one day my husband and I finally decided to sit down and watch it. And we loved it! I was talking to my dad about it, and how we'd gotten tickets to see Alan Tudyk at Nerd HQ and then somehow us watching it on Netflix came up and my dad was like "Yeah, I have it on DVD. Serenity too. Bought them the day they came out." What?! My dad had been a Browncoat for years lol. I shouldn't be surprised though, my love of science fiction comes from him.

I am a Trekkie. I grew up watching TNG because my dad watched it. Then we watched DS9. And along came Voyager, with the first ever female captain! I was so excited because I had always wanted to see what a female captain would be like; ever since I dressed up in a Captain's uniform one Halloween and two boys, also dressed as Starfleet Captains, said to me, "Your costume doesn't make sense. They'll never have a female captain!" So Voyager was a chance for those boys, and what I imagined to be thousands just like them, to eat it. And then the show started. And I loved everyone on it. Except Captain Janeway. Its not that she was poorly acted, its just that she was written so poorly. Whiny. An example of the stereotypes that males spout as to why females can't be captains. I felt like those Halloween boys were sitting somwhere saying "See! Starfleet would never have chosen her! She doesn't deserve to be there." And for that, Captain Janeway will never be my captain. 

I can remember all the celebrity guys I had crushes on when I was little, the roles that they were playing on teevee at that time.....and they were all pretty much nerds. I wonder if that helped shaped my present day preferences? Fred Savage who played Kevin Arnold in the Wonder Years. Neil Patrick Harris who played Doogie Howser. Wil Wheaton, who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Jonathan Brandis, who played Lucas Wolenczak on seaQuest DSV. The only one that didn't really fit the "smart" or "nerdy" role was Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block (who was my first official crush ever). Even though admitting that you liked NKOTB past 1989 was a pretty geeky act itself. Probably still is :)

I really love Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. But I didn't always. The first time I watched the movie, I was so put off by Michael Cera's acting that I didn't want to finish it. So I didn't. And I didn't watch it again until about a year later when it was on teevee while I was wrapping Christmas presents. I don't know if it was the holiday feels or what, but this time I was hooked. And now its one of my favorite movies. I still hate Michael Cera in it though. And I do want to read the graphic novels. Maybe he was supposed to act that way, because of the novels?  

So that wraps up my Geeky Confessions. I'm sure they could have been geekier, but that's the best I can do right now :) Let me know if you take part in Mariko's link up, I'd love to see what you've written! 

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