Thursday, September 4, 2014

Play LIVE Recap

Monday, September 1st was the end of St Jude's summer gaming event Play LIVE. The team that I was on, Team TradeChat, raised $31,654! That's amazing! Overall, St Jude received over $530,000 in donations during the event. I think that is incredible. And they did too....because they have decided to open up Play LIVE for year round participation, with another big event next summer :) 

I don't think prizes will be offered during free play like the summer event. But, if you raise $100, you will receive a Play LIVE tee shirt. Also, if you're a student in need of service hours, your gaming can count! For every $100 you fundraise, you earn ten service hours.

This event was a learning experience for me, as most things seem to be lately. Soon I think I will be dropping my team affiliation and starting my own team. I'm not sure if anyone will want to join me, but there were some things about this team that I didn't like, and I want to do things my way. For example, I thought that it would be beneficial for the team to promote one another. Some of the people (mainly our team captain) had huge social media audiences. I thought that promoting others on the team would help the folks with smaller reaches make their goals, and the team would still be earning a lot of money. I mass emailed the team, and only got one response. I did notice though, that after my email the team captain did start promoting some people, but it was only the people earning thousands. Not any of the smaller people, which was my intention. When I start my team, I will promote everyone the best I can; with tweets, blog posts...whatever I can do to help. 

I learned that my laptop cannot handle streaming anything really graphic intensive. Or anything, really. Hearthstone is about the best I can do at the moment, and even then it lags a lot. Over time I hope to be able to step up my streaming game. Soon I should be able to use the video and voice features ( I was told that I would have had better luck with fundraising if I had been showing my face while streaming, not sure why), and by this time next year I should hopefully have a desktop computer that can handle streaming anything.

I also need sponsors, or at least the ability to buy better giveaway prizes. I think that would help a lot too. I noticed a lot of the really successful streamers were giving away awesome prizes in exchange for donations, so thats something I need to work on as well. 

I do owe a huge thank you to everyone that donated during the event though :) Your donations really meant the world to me, and I know that they will be put to good use at St Jude. 

If you're interested in donating to St Jude, you can donate here (I'm still trying to hit that $100 mark!) and if you'd like to join my team, email me at jenarynkrystelle(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment below :)


  1. Wow, I have never heard of this, but it is really cool!

    Did you get to pick your team, or were you just assigned to one? I would never want to be on TradeChat's team. I cannot stand her. Ugh.

  2. You can choose what team to join, or you can make your own. I chose hers because I like her YouTube videos, and shes the reason I even heard about the fundraiser. But she didn't really seem appreciative that any of us signed up to be on her team unless we were bringing in thousands. And that left a sour taste in my mouth. I get that she was more motivated to raise a lot of money after her father passed, but that wasn't any reason to treat the little guys like we weren't there. If anything, it seemed like that was a better reason to promote her team. She might've raised more money that way.

  3. Congratulations on your fundraising efforts! I like that you've come up with a much more inclusive way of how a team should work. It's a shame that your captain wasn't using her klout a bit more to promote the smaller people, but then again I can imagine it becoming a full time job in itself, especially if not so honest people caught wind of the free advertising they'd get if they joined her team (and never raised a cent).

    Supposedly streaming while showing your face allows for people to feel more like they're getting to know you personally. The downside of that is that it can also bring out the trolls. I did a charity stream for an Australian based charity raising money for hospitals that treated adult cancer patients and copped some pretty nasty comments because of my hair, of all things! Considering how toxic Twitch can be, I think you have to be incredibly brave to show your face, especially as a woman. Kick-ass mods help a LOT as well.

    Let me know if there's anything I can do to help :)

  4. Thank you! I thought about that, people misusing the publicity if she chose to do some sort of shout out, but I think if they had contributed any money to her fundraising effort, it would be worth it. She gets afforded so many things because of her YouTube videos, it seems like doing something in support of her teammates once wouldn't be a huge burden. Especially since it was still technically benefitting her in a way. But in the end, all the money went to where it was needed, and it showed me that I'd prefer to run my own team in the future, or at least try out someone else's.

    My laptop couldn't handle streaming when I had the camera on, and my mic like never worked for some reason, so I did some streams without it. But I was very worried about trolls. Gamers seem super harsh to girls unless they're "hot" , and I am not what classifies as gamer hot lol. I had never used Twitch prior to Play LIVE, so I didn't know much about its atmosphere, but I saw some of it watching streams during the event and it was mean. What kind of mods are out there?


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