Tuesday, August 26, 2014

30 Days of Lists Blog Hop

I am very excited to share this 30 Days of Lists blog hop with all of you today! If you read my Monday Mix Up yesterday, you know that I signed up for the latest round of 30 Days of Lists, which starts September 1st. I have done almost every round of this, but never finished one, so I'm hoping that this round will be my first completed one :)

Today we were asked by Amy and Kam to go back to a past listing challenge, choose one of the prompts, and make a list. Its a nice little warm up to September, don't you think? I chose the prompt, Today's Playlist, and this is what my list looks like:

Pika wanted in on the listing action too :) 

My playlist is pretty small- I don't listen to too much radio if I'm not in my car. Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Charlie XCX round out the songs I heard this morning, plus the Simpsons theme song. I have been watching the marathon on FXX for the past few days when I get the chance, and I love it. 

I hope you've enjoyed my list and little peak into what 30 Days of Lists is like. I hope to post my lists weekly once the challenge gets started, so hopefully I can keep up with it. I look forward to seeing what all the other ladies are going to do as well. Just by checking out the other posts from today's blog hop (you can check them out here), I can tell I am in some very talented company :)

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