Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Mix Up #22

Where have these been?!? Its been months since a Monday Mix Up has been done. I have been slacking.....there is just no other reason.

I've been in a bit of a midyear slump, I suppose. Most of the New Year's goals I've set for myself are more than likely not going to happen, plus some other personal things have been taking their toll. So keeping in line with some changes that I'm looking to make to get out of my slump- here is a little list to help procrastinate your Monday and maybe jump start any changes you've been wanting to make :)

*Spicy Tuna Melts from A Beautiful Mess.
I made these the other day and they were delicious!

I have signed up to do the September 30 Days of Lists
Sign up before Sept. 1st and you receive an awesome digital listing kit. 
Amy and Kam always do a great job with these projects- I can't wait for this one to start!

If you're like me, and need a little nudge when it comes to cleaning, 
Clean Mama can help you out! Her free printable gives you a schedule
that helps you stay on track. 

If you ever feel lost at the grocery store, this list from 
The Every Girl is a pretty good start. Adjust as needed to fit your family size.

This shirt from Mulberry Press Co is awesome.
Sometimes its easy to give up on your dreams. 
You shouldn't.

Shake It Off- Taylor Swift
Its just so catchy! Its great for motivating you to keep going.

And this isn't goal oriented, but sometimes you need a little fun too! This is a Cards Against Humanity inspired game based on John and Hank Green. Super fun for the Nerdfighters out there! Visit this site to print your copy of the cards.

Happy Monday! I hope you all have an incredible week :)

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