Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Warlords of Draenor Stuff and Some More Child Neglect

Its Wednesday! Halfway through our week and guess what? Tomorrow is the cinematic reveal for Warlords of Draenor! Who's excited? I wanted to haul myself to Los Angeles to see it in person, but I'm sure the line will be out of this world long (everyone who is there, regardless of getting into the theater or not, will receive a beta key for WOD), so I guess I will be watching online instead.

You can log on to to watch it or if you're feeling adventureous, go to the Theatre at Ace Hotel, 929 South Broadway in LA (doors open at 8:30am). For all the info (and to see a million comments from people who are butthurt about the screening's location) you can click here.

Also in WOD news, this article popped up on my Yahoo front page the other day, and I thought I'd share it with you. Its just some things to get done before the expansion, as they will be disappearing. Items include: green warlock fire (you can still get the fire, the title and feat of strength is what's vanishing) and the phoenix mounts from Pandaria challenge modes. 

Another World of Warcraft article came into my Yahoo front page just after the WOD one did, and this one is about child neglect (here is a link to what the DA released on the case....its nasty). I have written about WoW and child abuse/neglect before (you can read it here, if you feel so inclined), and my stance on the subject hasn't changed. What gets me about this one is that the parents are unemployed (so how are they paying for it? Welfare probably- your tax dollars at work if you live in CA), they locked the children in the mobile home for three years so nobody could see the squalor and deplorable conditions they were being subjected to and that the focus of the story was still that the parents were playing WoW while all this abuse and neglect was happening. I would bet almost anything that they would still be shitty parents living off the government even if they weren't glued to their computers. Its sad that people still blame video games for the actions of people, when they should really be blaming the people who are performing said actions. 

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