Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Just a Little Note....

Hello everyone! Just a tiny update to let you know that I am alive lol. I kinda fell off the face of the earth these past few weeks. I was getting ready for SDCC and fighting off some nasty feelings. I'm still undergoing some testing for my ickies, but it looks like my gall bladder isn't functioning, which can make a person really sick if left untreated. Thats probably an overshare, but its also important because when I post about SDCC these next few days and I complain about being sick, you'll know it wasn't me that contributed to whatever contagious con crud was floating around. Mine was/is an organ failure type of illness.

A big congratulations goes to Kyla for winning the Con Survival Kit! Thank you to everyone that entered. I always appreciate it and love when I can do a giveaway that you guys dig. I hope to have two more giveaways in these next few weeks. One will be St Jude related, and one not. Its crunch time for me in the St Jude department. The fundraiser ends on September 1st, and I really want to make my $100 goal. I hope to be streaming again this week, if my laptop can handle it.

So I think thats it for the updates. I have a ton of posts planned and some already queued up, so I am back! And hopefully I will stay that way :)

Have a happy hump day!!

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