Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Costumes- Bella Swan

When I first thought about cosplaying, I wanted to start off easy. I wanted to do Bella Swan. I knew I had at least half of her wardrobe in my closet, and I would feel comfortable wearing something she would wear. My husband kinda rained on my parade though. Twilight had well passed it's prime when I was considering this, and he thought regular Everyday Bella would be too obscure of a character to cosplay anymore. And I guess that's true, to a point. I imagine that if I had a group of Cullens or werewolves with me, Everyday Bella would make a lot more sense, even to the not-so-Twilight-savvy. But since I don't plan on cosplaying any time soon, especially not in a group big enough to do that, I thought I'd share my Bella costume as an inspiration for a Halloween costume. And bonus, if you end up buying something for this costume, you can easily wear it again as a regular outfit and no one will be the wiser.
Bella Swan

One thing I really appreciate about Bella's wardrobe is her love of flannels and earthy neutrals. Even as a vampire, you could find her in lots of blues, greens, and brown- which are colors I tend to wear often. Shes really easy to do because if you own a pair of jeans, any neutral or flannel top, a brown jacket, and some Chucks or Vans- you've got her pre-vampire look down!

What do you think? Is Bella too obscure now to dress up as, or is Twilight still relevant? Let me know in the comments below!

PS. This was my first time using Polyvore in years, how did I do? I found the site to be more complicated than I remembered. Maybe thats old age talking :)


  1. Polyvore, is my new favorite site! The first collage I created, was hard...but now it is easy! You'll get there again and I love Bella cosplay! Have the hubby be a vamp and everyone will get it! Good luck! xx

  2. I went on a collage making spree after this one, and its much easier now :)

  3. it is SO fun! (great job :) this gave me a lot of nostalgia)


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