Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Poppin' Off Early Edition- Halloween Teevee Shows

Since I posted about the movies I like to watch around Halloween, I thought I'd also write about the teevee shows that themes that fit the Halloween vibe and are perfect for binge watching. Bonus, almost all of these are available for streaming on Netflix right now.

1. Dexter. Making Deb's casual costume the other day has really made me want to rewatch the series. A serial killer that kills bad guys only? And works at a police department? It really doesn't get much better than that. Even though hes a serial killer, you really have to love Dexter (well, until the last season, then you kinda wish he died).

2. Criminal Minds. I've been watching this show lately and I enjoy it. There are some things that bother me, like the team constantly compromises evidence by never wearing gloves, and the way they wear their guns drives me insane. But then I remind myself that its teevee and the rest of the show is actually pretty good. Its also about serial killers, but its focus is a behavioral analysis team from the FBI that catches them. And if you're ever in need of a good quote, this is the show for you. They open and close each episode with a quote from a famous thinker, writer, poet, etc. (There's even a few websites dedicated to documenting each quote, like this one.)

3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Not quite like its movie predecessor, but this show had plenty of sass and dry humor that made it great. Not to mention a soundtrack that is oh so appropriate to its time (late 90s, early 2000's). Buffy is a very nostalgic show for me. I had the soundtrack on CD and would listen to it while getting ready for school. And I think Buffy was one of the only shows my sisters and I could agree to watch together back in high school, everything else was such a battle lol. 

4. Sabrina The Teenage Witch. So I think the beginning episodes are the best, but the show in general is a favorite of mine. Salem was always my favorite character, and I loved the house Sabrina and her aunts lived in. While the show did do specific Halloween episodes, all of the episodes are good for a little magic. 

5. The Simpsons Treehouse of Terror. If you planned ahead during FXX's marathon like my sister in law did, your DVR could be storing every Treehouse of Terror. But if you're like me and didn't, find copies of these episodes immediately! The Simpsons usually do good Halloween episodes.

6. The X-Files. Um....this show screams Halloween. Aliens? Mystery? Conspiracy theories? These are things that this holiday thrives on. And not to mention that Mulder and Scully are the best set of partners to ever grace your teevee screen. Watch it. Watch it now. And then watch the movie.

7. Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. A must watch, every single year. 
(I say this a lot, not too many people get it)

What are you watching this Halloween season? Are there any shows you think I should have added to my list?


  1. I'd maybe add the first season of The Following. It was pretty good and creepy. I'd probably add American Horror Story as well!

  2. I've never watched The Following, maybe I should! I didn't even know about it until I saw Kevin Bacon's face plastered all over SDCC last year lol.

    I was hesitant with AHS because I only watched the first season and would feel like a phony trying to write about all the other seasons. I've heard the other seasons have been even better than the first, but thats a show I definitely can't watch around my kids. And this season.....those clowns...*shutter*


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