Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Fandom Friday- Conventions I Have Been To/Wish To Attend

I think this is one of the easiest Five Fandom Friday topics I've ever participated in! My convention attending wish list is long! I'll start with the ones I've actually gone to first though.

1. WonderCon. Its like SDCC's baby sister! A smaller convention held in Anaheim, CA usually during Easter weekend. I've gone for about three years now, and will be attending this year as well. The convention has gotten bigger over the years, and depending on who you ask, its either "what SDCC used to be" or "the new SDCC." I like it because its a little closer to home, and theres more of an opportunity to talk to the vendors and artists that are there.

2. San Diego Comic Con. This was like entering Heaven the year my husband and I were finally able to obtain tickets! This year will make the year number three of us being able to attend, and I'm so grateful. Its a lot of fun, but it can get really overwhelming, and its rough when we have to take our children with us (like we more than likely will this year). Its so cool though. I love seeing all the different cosplayers' outfits, and you never know what celebrity you may randomly run into (getting a high five from Neil deGrasse Tyson while stalking the Hilton was pretty epic). If you're ever able to attend, I recommend that you do, at least once. Its one of those experiences that stays with you forever. 

3. Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. So this hasn't happened yet, but I will be there! I am super excited to see what this convention will be like. I once went to a local Star Trek convention when I was like, nine, but other than that, I have never been to a convention that was for a specific fandom. I'm worried that my Star Wars knowledge will not be enough lol. I think saying "R2D2 is my favorite because hes so cute!" will only take me so far with that crowd....but I could be wrong. And there's even going to be a speed dating thing there! I'm married, but that sounds cool.

4. Pax Prime. I really want to go to this, at least once. It look so cool! And I like that its more focused on video games. Emerald City Comic Con is another one in Washington that I want to check out. And Geek Girl Con. I think I'm looking for an excuse to visit the state :) But everyone says that those are some of the best conventions, and I want to experience that.

5. BlizzCon!!!! I have been trying to get tickets to this since I started playing the that's like, eight years now. If you think getting tickets to SDCC is rough, you haven't tried for BlizzCon tickets. Its super nuts. My husband knows someone that used to work there, that guy has a brother that still works there, and we still can't get tickets. Every year we say that we're gonna bite the bullet and buy those million dollar charity dinner tickets, but we never do. BlizzCon is a convention for Blizzard Entertainment's games (such as Starcraft, Diablo, and my personal favorite, World of Warcraft). It would be so cool to be able to see sneak peeks of new games or expansions, and to be surrounded by fellow Blizzard fans.

I also want to go to Phoenix Comicon (because I want to go back to Arizona), Denver Comic Con (so I can visit my sister and niece), and Stan Lee's Comikaze, just to name a few! 

Which conventions have you attended or wish to attend? Maybe I'll see you at one :)


  1. My brother went to Blizzcon, and met Jessica Nigri...I was so jealous! But, I'm not a player of any Blizzard games. However, I've been to a few of their SDCC panels.

  2. I'm jealous! I would love to go to BlizzCon! And Jessica Nigri does fantastic cosplays, that would be so cool to meet her. The closest thing I've gotten to Blizzard convention-wise is their merch booth at SDCC lol. One of these days I will get into BlizzCon, or at least a panel :)


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