Friday, January 2, 2015

Five Fandom Friday- Fandom Resolutions

When I think of fandoms, I think of people I see at conventions. The ones that can recite episodes by the names and numbers in which they're produced. The ones that can spot even the most minute mistake in a character's storyline. A person that owns every piece of memorabilia they can get their hands on. I am not one of those people. But I wanted to give today's Fandom Five a shot, because maybe 2015 can be the year that I really devote myself to a particular fandom (or two).

1. I will achieve a rank higher than 20 during a season in Hearthstone. I'm not a particularly good Hearthstone player, but I can usually eek out that rank of 20 by the end of each season (month) to get the special card back. I'd like to get into the teens at least once this year, just to say that I did.

2. I will learn more about the lore in World of Warcraft. Apparently its quite extensive, and some players really take it seriously. I can't tell you how many harcore lore lovers cried over the Mists of Pandaria expansion because the pandas had no place in original WoW lore. With Warlords of Draenor (the most recent expansion), they set the game back in time about twenty years, so you get to see some of the leaders that you had only heard about in past expansions. I wouldn't mind reading the books about WoW to see how all of it stacks up.

3. My husband and I are probably going to start a podcast about nerd things and conventions. What better way to hone your fandom than to start a podcast talking about it, right? This one is kinda iffy, but it might be cool if we actually pull it off. He does a bi-weekly podcast with some other guys that pertains to airsoft, but he wants to do one with me that focuses on geekier things. The one he does for airsoft is pretty good, and I can listen to it and be entertained even though I don't play airsoft. What's interesting though, is that my sister-in-law also does a podcast. She does it with some people that she works with on her university's paper and they seem to focus on nerdy things, but with some other stuff thrown in. Her's is pretty boring (even though she's not a boring person), and I worry that ours will be like that if we try.

4. I'm starting a Geek Girl Brunch in my city. This is fandom related, right? A brunch that's dedicated to different geeky things can't be bad. I'm pretty excited for it. I think we decided on May for our launch date, but I have to check with the other ladies. If you live in central California and are interested in becoming a member, email us!

5. I will find one new fandom a convention this year, and follow through with figuring out what it is and if I like it! This is actually inspired by Kacie. She wrote about how she attended panels on Steampunk to learn about what it was, and now she aspires to create her own Steampunk character/cosplay for a convention. I think thats great, because I think Steampunk is really neat looking, but I don't know a damn thing about it. I'm a bit like Clara from The Guild, if you've ever watched the episode where they all go to The Convention, and shes mesmerized by the Steampunk cosplayers but she doesn't really get it. So this year, when I do my convention rounds, if I see something I like but don't know much about, I'm just going to jump on in and ask. 

So those are my fandom resolutions, even though I'm not sure some of them really classify as such. Anyway, I hope you all have a geeky 2015! Share some of your fandom resolutions with me in the comments below. And of course, thanks to Megan and Kristin for coming up with these prompts!


  1. Chen Stormstout was in Warcraft 3, and there was also a quest to return his keg in vanilla, so those people can suck it. Pandas were a thing before MoP whether they like it or not :-P

    Good luck with your podcast and the Geek Girls Brunch! Living in the middle of nowhere really does have its downside, I never get to go to anything awesome.

  2. Yay for more Geek Girl Brunch! Good luck on getting your chapter up and running!

  3. Good luck with the podcast! That's definitely a world I've been curious about getting into as well. Happy new year!

  4. Nice list! And good luck with Geek Girl Brunch!


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