Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Mix Up #1

A small little list of links to help you procrastinate the start of another week.

* This video from Jimmy Fallon, Felicia Day, Chris Hardwick etc singing We Are The World Of  Warcraft.
*Super Mash Bros. All About The Scrillions is my favorite.
*Adorable postcards from rarrarpress. The Its Really Not That Far postcard is my favorite.
*Ion television. I love all the reruns of Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Cold Case and House.
*Kick Ass 2! So looking forward to this.
*Here's a cute little marriage proposal, courtesy of Good Morning America via Yahoo's front page. I  must say, if I was the girl, I would feel so bad taking all that down! Its so sweet :)
*This tote from Geeky Glamorous. I have been obsessing over it! I wish I had money so I could buy one.

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