Friday, October 21, 2016

Caged- A Dream Crate

Have you thought what you might put in a Loot Crate if you could design your own? You know, a Dream Crate? I started thinking about it (obsessing about it, really) and came up with a million ideas! I narrowed it down to about four different crates that I might actually share with people, and then ultimately chose this one because I think its relevant, and it has some of my favorite fandoms in it. I hope you guys like it as much as I do.

My theme is Caged, and I know immediately Luke Cage is what comes to mind. As well it should, because he was the inspiration for the crate. The show gave me a lot of feels, but that's a post for another time. But Caged can translate to a lot of other things. Some literally, like Orange is the New Black (I mean, they're in prison), and some not so much, like The Walking Dead (even though they did live in a prison, but I'm thinking more that they're trapped in this new world with no real way out).

Dream Crate

1) Luke Cage Bullet Hoodie by EscobarsClosest on Etsy. Perfect for the easiest cosplay ever or for your SJW needs, this hoodie is amazing! I watched the series and the hoodie gave me all the feels (again, a post for another time), and I wondered how long it would take for people to start selling them. Not long, is the answer to that.

2) Cuff Me Walking Dead Bangle by Love and Madness. I'm a sucker for handcuff jewelry, but this one is extra special because its for all of us Walking Dead fans. Rick has come a long way from that Sheriff that woke up in that hospital, don't you think?!

3) Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman. So I haven't read this (but its on my list!), but the show is pretty good. And by pretty good I mean binge-worthy. I love comparing books to the shows/movies they inspire, and I can't be the only one.

4) The Scorch Trials Soundtrack. In the Maze Runner, the kids were trapped in a maze. In the Scorch Trials, they were trapped in the desert. It goes with the caged theme because these kids are always fighting to break free from their captors. Also, this score is amazing. We all need it in our lives. (PS, the books are pretty awesome too, go read them.)

5) Netflix gift card. So we can binge on Luke Cage, Orange is the New Black, and plenty of other shows that fit this theme (and uh....lots of shows that don't). With the holidays coming  up, you're going to want to unwind. Just don't cozy up to Grams and Gramps to watch OITNB- totally not appropriate.

6) Morty and Summer as Harley and Joker by Mike Goes Geek. So I own a lot of Mike's work. Most of it is his Adventure Time mashups though. He is an amazing artist and I really love this one. Rick and Morty is one of my favorite shows, and the Suicide Squad movie took me by surprise at how much I liked it. Of course, Harley and Joker were my favorites in the movie, and I think they both know a little something about being caged in. Make this a shirt, keep it a print, I don't care- I love it and want to own it!!

So there it is- my Dream Crate. While this one isn't for purchase, there are plenty of awesome crates available at They have the OG Crate, plus some fandom specific ones, even apparel specific ones (so bummed I missed last month's Loot Tee- it had Sylvanas- my bae!). Trust me, your crate options are endless, and they are all fantastic!

What would be in your Dream Crate? Leave it in the comments below.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Casual Costumes: Workout Edition #3- Tris Prior

Since last week's CC Workout was about Katniss, I figured this week's would be about another badass dystopian female. Tris Prior fits that description perfectly. She came from the calmest of the factions (Abnegation), to join the toughest (Dauntless), only to realize that she was in fact Divergent- causing her all kinds of trouble and reasons to fight. Get your Tris on with this great look from Target!

Tris Prior Workout

Tris Prior Workout by krystellemt 

**The Target link is an affiliate link. If you purchase something from Target after clicking my link, I will make a tiny commission off of your purchase. Nothing extra is charged to you, and you're helping support this blog. Thank so much!**

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Casual Costumes: Workout Edition #2- Katniss Everdeen

I would be remiss if I didn't do a CC Workout Edition that didn't include badass Katniss! She's pretty much the epitome of  modern-day-yet-set-in-a-dystopian-future female strength. 

Katniss Everdeen Workout Edition

Katniss Everdeen Workout Edition by krystellemt 

Once again, everything pictured can be purchased at Target, so you don't have to break the bank to get a cute Katniss inspired workout outfit! 

And if workout gear isn't your jam, I created a regular Casual Costume back in 2014 for your everyday needs (that's still surprisingly relevant). You can check that out here.

**The Target link is an affiliate link. If you purchase something from Target after clicking my link, I will make a tiny commission off of your purchase. Nothing extra is charged to you, and you're helping support this blog. Thank so much!**

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Casual Costumes: Workout Edition #1- Wonder Woman

I have been trying to get into shape lately, and with that comes lots of visits to the gym. I can't say I have been very successful so far, but at least I'm trying! Inspired by the month (hello Halloween!) and all the costumes that are around, I thought I'd do a couple of Casual Costumes with workout wear. To get it started is the strongest woman around- Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman Workout

Wonder Woman Workout by krystellemt 

Everything I used can be found at Target! Who doesn't love a reason to shop at Target, right?! And PS, even though that headband is in the girls' section, it totally stretches to fit an adult head. I know- I own it!

**The Target link is an affiliate link. If you purchase something from Target after clicking my link, I will make a tiny commission off of your purchase. Nothing extra is charged to you, and you're helping support this blog. Thank so much!**

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WoW Wednesday- I'm Still Talking About Warcraft

So I went to Warcraft for the second time on Saturday, just like I said I would. It was still amazing. We saw it regular this time, no fancy 3D IMAX. It was weird, some of the images that looked cheesy in the IMAX (the gryphons flying), looked okay in the regular viewing. Watching the movie didn't change my opinion of it at all, and this time the people in the theater seemed to appreciate the humor in the movie more than the ones in the first viewing did (although, if you ask critics, there was no humor whatsoever in the movie). What I wanted to talk about today is the promotion that Blizzard and Regal Entertainment are running together, and see if any of you had the same experience that my husband and I did.

So one of the things that had some people really excited for this movie were the promotions that Blizzard has going with various theater companies (you can check those out here, and sorry Canada- you aren't included for some reason), and the fact that if you log in within the two months of its release, you get some cute transmog items from the movie (two items from each faction, plus an achievement). The deal with Regal states that anyone who buys a ticket will get the a code for a digital download of the game, plus if you pay with your Regal Crown Club card, you get a chance to win two tickets to BlizzCon. Great, right? Except, we bought four tickets and got one code. The guy at the box office said he was only allowed to hand out one code, but the way Blizzard words it, it sounds like every ticket is supposed to get a code. Now if you check Regal's website, they word it a bit differently, and its vague enough that it fits with the one code only policy. We have a lot of WoW accounts anyway, but we were going to give the downloads to our kids, so it was a bit of a bummer to have to pick which child was going to receive it. Have any of you run into this problem with the promotion? I was just curious if our theater was just trying to regulate their supply (because the codes are only handed out "while supplies last", and since they're the only Regal in town, I imagine they need the gimmick to take sales away from the other theaters we have here), or if that is in fact the promotion, and Blizzard was misleading.

And if you still haven't seen the movie yet, you really should. Ignore all the critics horrible reviews and just go see it. Its not a wannabe Lord of the Rings, its not a disaster of epic proportions. Its visually stunning, and if you have any sort of WoW knowledge, things will click for you and you will understand the movie. And more than likely, you will want to play once you're done watching it, even if you haven't played in years (and I think that's exactly what Blizzard wanted lol). 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Poppin' Off- Warcraft

So I know what you're thinking, this is about a WoW related thing, shouldn't this be a WoW Wednesday post? Yes, it probably should, but I don't want to wait until Wednesday to talk about this awesome movie, and movies do technically fall under the Poppin' Off umbrella, so here we go!!

This movie has been ten or so years in the making, and let me just say, it was well worth the wait. I loved it. I'm pretty sure I can do this spoiler free, but just in case, if you haven't seen the movie and don't want any inkling of anything that happens, please come back to read this after you've seen the movie

My husband and I saw it Thursday night in IMAX 3D, and the visuals were stunning. There were lots of familiar cities and landmarks in it (Dalaran, Stormwind, Ironforge, Goldshire, Karazahn, The Dark Portal....there are some I'm forgetting I know), and it was so cool to see them on a big screen. It was like being able to take what you see in the game and just become one step closer to fully being in it, if that makes sense. 

The movie is based off of Blizzard's game Warcraft, not World of Warcraft, so this has caused some problems for people that do play WoW. They're basically saying that the movie doesn't stay true to the lore, but I guess that it does stay true to a lot of the original game's lore, not the current lore we all know now. Also, when any book or game gets turned into a movie, usually studios will streamline some content to either make the film flow more fluently, or to explain or simplify things for people that might not have read the book/played the game, and are just coming to see the movie. Does that mean that everyone likes it? No, but as long as you understand it, you can accept it, move on, and appreciate what the movie has to offer. And this movie offers a lot, an engaging story line, top notch graphics (although there was a few times I wondered if they just threw a toy gryphon across the screen lol), and pretty good acting. The characters were well cast, although I wanted to punch the Queen of Stormwind in the face. Shes played by the girl that plays Tulip in Preacher, and just after seeing her in that panel at WonderCon just made not like her as a person, so it ruined the character for me a little bit. However, King Llane is played by the guy that plays Preacher, and he just does a great job. Hopefully with them working together on so many things, his charming personality will rub off on her. Overall though, all of the characters were really well acted- it was nice to see. 

My favorite character was Lothar- he was everything you'd expect an Alliance solider to be. He had some dry humor and wasn't hard on the eyes, so that was a plus. I have to give it up to Khadgar too, he definitely showed that mages are more than just vending machines! Also, there are some very strong female characters for those of you that complain that WoW never includes them- Draka, wife of Durotan and mother of Thrall, is a fighter until the very end, and of course there is Garona, the half breed who basically has an Alliance heart but a Hordie face who is fierce in every way she can be. There are two little CGI's that are just adorable too- a Murloc has a cameo and baby Thrall. 

Critics have panned this movie- they all hate it. I think they hate it because they've never played a Warcraft game and don't understand what the movie is supposed to be. I think fans of the game will love it. And the movie ends open ended enough that there can easily be a sequel (or five.....). It does end on a very cheesy note (ever wonder what a baby Thrall growling at you would sound like? you'll find out), but I don't really know how else they would have ended it. There was so much story that you see during it (and really, that you play through game-wise), that there isn't a good place to just stop. But like I said, I loved the movie, and we're actually going to see it again on Saturday, and take our kids this time. If you love Azeroth and everything surrounding it, and you want to see more of these movies made- let the movie studios know! Go out and see Warcraft this weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Quests/Bill and Ted's Circle K and Cabazon Dinosaurs

Recently, we went on a family trip to Phoenix for their Comic Con (read about it here, here, and here). It was a lot of fun, and my husband and I are hoping to go again next year (minus the kiddos though). While we didn't eat at a Waffle House (a newly acquired item on my life achievement list- what others would call a bucket list), we did get to visit the Circle K where Bill and Ted was filmed and those super huge Cabazon dinosaurs that I have been dying to see since every time we head that way lol. Its been years now, so that was exciting. 

So there are a million Circle Ks in Arizona. Fact. Or should be, since they're on every corner like Starbucks is here. We were gassing up at one before leaving, and with the Whoa, Keanu! panel still fresh in my head, I decided to see if we were anywhere near the Circle K where they filmed Bill and Ted. Guess what. We were like five minutes away! So we went to the Circle K and thought for sure that there would be some sort of Bill and Ted memorabilia. It would make total sense, right? Nope. Not one thing. We bought some snacks (and the nastiest Icee you will ever taste) and asked the cashier if lots of people come there because of Bill and Ted. She said" What? Nope." So we felt like weirdos and went outside to take pictures. Its at 1010 West Southern Avenue in Tempe if you're interested in visiting it yourself. 

Bill and Ted's Circle K!

So we drive a few hours........

And we're back in our home state! So we drive some more.....

Then we see signs for the Cabazon Dinosaurs! I didn't really think we'd stop and see them, because the drive home was feeling twice as long as the drive to Phoenix, but we stopped. And look at these bad boys.

They have some kind of museum or exhibit behind all this, but we didn't want to pay (and there aren't any large dinos that you don't get to see if you don't). The gift shop is located inside the Apato, which was cool but it was soooooo hot in there.

So those were our little side stops, and one day, I will eat at a Waffle House.....
It was right next to our hotel! So close, and yet, so far...

Have you visited any of these places? What did you think of them?