Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Mix Up #13

Happy Monday everyone! Today's list in dedicated to Childish Gambino, one of my favorite rappers ever. His new album, Because the Internet, drops tomorrow and in celebration, I am sharing my favorite CG videos with you. I'm sure I've posted some of these before, but they're awesome enough to be seen again :)

1) Heartbeat. Pretty much my favorite song by him.
2) 3005. This is from Because The Internet.

3) Lights Turned On. This isn't a video, but just listen to the song. 

4) Freaks and Geeks. My second pretty much favorite song by him.
 And I know I've shared this before :)

  This is the Troy and Abed Christmas Rap from Season 3 of Community. 
You can bet you'll be seeing this again later this month too.

Go buy Because The Internet! Enlighten yourself with intelligent rap.

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