Thursday, April 24, 2014


Watching- Sons of Anarchy. I've been marathoning it on Netflix. I wasn't interested in the show originally, because the city that I live in (which has actually been mentioned on the show) has its own motorcycle gangs, I mean clubs, so I have some experience with how they work. But I finally decided to watch it and wow. Its pretty good. I know that Charlie Hunnam is supposed to be the hunk of the show, but Theo Rossi is more my speed.


Echosmith- Cool Kids
They have like a toned down Paramore vibe that I love.

Reading- I have not been reading. I need to get on it. I have some books to finish and a lot to review.

Happenings- So in my life, I have come to accept that old saying when it rains, it pours. And so it has. In my last recently post, I wrote that we had adopted two kitties. Well, unfortunately, Miller (our boy kitty), got really sick. The people we adopted him from (they're a cat rescue organization) took him to the vet and we haven't heard from them since. It is for the best anyway, as he was really aggressive towards my daughter and our other kitty. But we were really hoping to make it work, and my daughter was devastated that we had to give her kitty back. However, Pika (our other kitty), has really perked up since Miller's departure. She's still very shy around the kids, but she loves me and my husband. 

It has just been busy in general too. It was my son's Spring Break, my husband's birthday, and some other family related things were going on. I also am having car troubles. I got my tires changed earlier last week in preparation for the trip to WonderCon. My tires were getting ready to split, they were that bad. The guy at the tire store tried to charge me too much and it turned into a thing and once that was figured out, they took forever to put them on. Skip forward two days later, and my car is breaking down in a CVS parking lot. And it was 90 degrees. And that's when I find out that my son has the stomach flu. So nuts. It took hours to get a tow truck, and I felt so bad for my son. That night was a particularly long one as well, since that's when his stomach flu took full effect. He was better by Saturday (WonderCon), but didn't want to go, and neither did my daughter. It was the first convention my husband and I had been to without children. I thought it would be great....except I was feeling the flu  my son had. His only lasted about a day, mine was four. I made it through WonderCon heavily medicated, and all of Easter sleeping. Monday was the worst of it for me, and that's when it hit my daughter. So I have been scrubbing my house like a maniac with bleach trying to get the germs out. I don't want a relapse of this. This flu is particularly nasty. 

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