Sunday, May 25, 2014


Firefly! Its about damn time, right?! Its been sitting in my Netflix queue forever, but my husband and I have finally made the time to start watching it. Its pretty freaking awesome. 

Lumberjanes! Well, not really. I have been desperately trying to secure a physical copy of issue number one that doesn't cost a million dollars and have had no luck. I did get number two and added it to my comic subscription list, but I am hesitant to read it without reading number one first. I have been keeping up with the other comics in my subscription though (Ms. Marvel, Sex Criminals, Rat Queens, She-Hulk and Deadly Class), so that makes me happy. I am also getting ready to reread The Fault in our Stars. All the pictures of that book blowing up my Instagram feed lately has made me want to read it again. 


Ed Sheeran- Sing

The Lonely Island ft Pharrell Williams- Hugs
I have been listening to this song since The Wack Album was released, and was excited to see that they made a video for it to play while Andy hosted SNL's season finale last week. The song in the video is a little different than the song on the CD, but its still good. 

Currently, I am sick. It might just be really bad allergies, but either way, it blows. I am sneezing nonstop and my throat is so itchy and hurty! Bummer that it has to happen right before I have more dental work done (the past few weeks have involved a root canal and a deep cleaning, I just need to get a crown and a filling and I should be good to go). To me, there's nothing worse than having to have your mouth open for long periods of time when you're not feeling well, its like asking to vomit (or is that just me?). Its also my son's last week of school. I can't believe the school year is over already! I am relieved though. I have really been hating on his school this year. Its like they don't even care about educating the kids....but that's a rant for another day.

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I went to see Jay Mohr perform his stand-up with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. She'd actually purchased the tickets as a birthday present for my husband and as an anniversary present for her boyfriend. Not going to lie, we all came in with expectations kinda low. The role I could most easily place him in was moderator for BlizzCon's costume contests. Ouch. But I guess he does a sports radio show, so there were a lot of dudes in the audience. There were also a lot of old people there, which was surprising. I think they were surprised too, because most of them were visibly offended by Jay's act (and really offended by his opener- Dean Delray). The show was dirty and vulgar and pretty awesome. When we went to see Aziz Ansari, it was good. He was funny, but it all felt really rehearsed and scheduled. Dean and Jay were both really out there, and actually responded to hecklers in the just a little more natural. Also, they took the time to come out to the front of the venue after the show for pictures and things, which was pretty cool.

Around that time, we found that the kittens had returned to our backyard (have I mentioned the kittens here? I know I have on Instagram). I was determined to keep them here this time, so I put more food and water out for the mommy kitty in hopes that she'd stay. I checked on the kittens constantly, as she had placed them in a shed this time (my mother-in-law left it full of junk...we rent from her..). Things seemed to be okay, but after two days we noticed that the sickest looking kitten had disappeared. We thought maybe it had wandered off, since they were pretty mobile by that point. Well....sadly that was not the case. A few days later the other kittens were making horrible cries that had drawn the attention of our neighbors. I went to check on them and saw that another kitten had gone missing, yet I could hear her. We moved a bunch of stuff around and found her stuck in a box. And upon removing her from the box, my husband found the sickest kitty behind the box...dead. I was devastated. The kitties were looking rough, one was dead, and I hadn't seen the mommy kitty since we found the kittens in the shed. So we called the cat rescue people and they finally agreed to take the remaining two kittens. They were both very ill with upper respiratory viruses and fleas, so the chance of them surviving I was told, was slim. I haven't had the nerve to call them and find out, but I do have a claim on the spotty one if she makes it :)
The orange one in the middle is the one that passed away. The white one with spots is the one I'm hoping we'll get when/if she recovers. Also in backyard news- this cat:
I feed this one, since it pretty much lives in my backyard now. I think he/she has some relation to the kittens. I've named it Oreo, just because I hate just calling it Kitty. 

I also got caught up in the parking pass drama related to SDCC. I managed to get parking passes late that night, but boy was it a pain! Maybe next year they can use a different parking company? Or maybe that parking company can use servers that can handle that type of traffic? But on the good side of San Diego Comic-Con (besides the fact that I'm going), I did get tickets to see Nerdist Podcast Live! Super excited for that, I really love Chris Hardwick. Anyone know of anything else that's going on that Saturday and Sunday? Those are the only con-related days I'll be there.

So that's it for me right now. I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend, and while you're out there B-B-Qing, please remember to take a second to reflect on all that the Armed Forces has done and will continue to do for us as a nation. 

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