Friday, May 29, 2015

Five Fandom Friday- Fictional Characters That Just Get Me

Happy Friday! Its time for me to hop back on the FFF train. Today's is all about the fictional characters that I identify with the most, or you know, the ones that just get me :)

1. Harriet the Spy Harriet M Welsch is a nosy girl. She spies on her friends and her neighbors. She has routines, and hates change. Harriet taught me how to people watch, how to use a notebook for more than just a diary, how to accept change after you think your world has shattered. And its just a book for preteens. But as soon as I read it back when I was eleven years old, I felt like she was me, in book form. And I still do. I people watch all the time and have multitudes of notebooks for various things (and yes, I did have a "spy" notebook for a while in jr high) because its cheaper than therapy (although I do that now too lol).

2. and 3. Codex and Clara from The Guild I'm always split with these two because I think I'm more like Clara, but I definitely see myself in Codex too. Clara is the mom that plays too much, and while that's not me, I do identify with her being a mage, doing all the dumb achievements, and wanting to get out of the house (and living it up when I actually can lol. or wanting to anyway. I never do- I'm too socially awkward to pull off a good Clara in that respect.). But I understand Codex too. I constantly feel like my life is falling apart. I'm not anywhere near where I thought I'd be at this age, and I do play to get away sometimes. Well, I used to, when I had a great guild that was the best guild I'd ever been in. When it split up....well, I haven't found a guild since that I've felt at home in, so the game isn't the same anymore. I also get Codex's social awkwardness, because I am incredibly awkward.

4. Daria If I was a cartoon character, Daria would be it. I was all sarcasm and dry wit in my younger days, and if you catch me on a good day now, I still am. I even wear thick glasses like Daria. She's my hero. If I could get away with wearing that hideous orange and green color combo I probably would.

5. Jessica Darling from The Jessica Darling Series by Megan McCafferty. These books are marvelous and Jessica is another book-me, but high school/college aged. She has a love for the 80's, is sarcastic and has a best friend that lives away from her. It was written in the time frame of when I was in high school (which is when I first started reading the series), so everything was very fresh and current and completely relevant. I found myself relating to Jessica so much it felt like  Megan McCafferty must've been spying on me. Even reading the books now, it feels like I'm reading my old diaries and yearbooks.

So these are my five, and it was harder than I thought it would be to choose them! Who are your fictional character doppelgangers? 

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  1. Daria and Harriet are my spirit animals. I don't know how Daria didn't make it on my list, tbh!

  2. Aww, I love the Jessica Darling shoutout so much! Those were great books.

  3. I completely forgot Daria. One of the best cartoons ever.


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