Monday, June 16, 2014

Play Live Progress and a Tiny Blog Update

Happy Monday everyone! I am working hard to get some steady content back up here. Last month I took two online courses and a webinar that really gave me a lot to think about. The biggest one being- where the hell is the pillar content? I realize I lack it something fierce, so I'm trying to write some things that I think can be interesting and relevant for more than a month :)

Also, as you know, I am participating in St Jude's Play Live. I've been obsessing over it really. Learning how to stream on Twitch has been really fun, and I'm still trying to figure out how to talk on it lol. And its kind of exciting to see when people are watching my games. I'm a pretty private person by nature, and really not even that confident a gamer. I don't even talk in Vent when I play WoW, so putting my face on the screen while playing has been huge for me. I am sad though that I haven't gotten any donations yet, its a little disheartening. I still have the $15 iTunes gift card giveaway happening until the 20th, and nobody has entered :( There are no donation minimums, I cannot stress this enough. Even if you donate one dollar, its a help. I wish I could give you guys the great stuff like video games and headsets, but its just not financially in the cards for me right now. Maybe next year I can come into this with some sponsors, but right now I'm freeballin' it (for lack of a better expression).

The team I'm on (Team TradeChat) is currently number two in the leaderboards for most money raised. This is largely due to Danielle, as she has such a web presence. She really cares about this fundraiser, and I'd like to help her out. And in a really sad turn of events for her, her father passed away from cancer over the weekend. Loads of people asked what they could do for her, and she responded that she'd like them to donate to St Jude. She got a lot of troll lashback for it (which is so rude), but her asking makes perfect sense to me. Her father just died of cancer, and shes trying to help raise money for a place that not only takes care of cancer stricken children for free, but who also do research on cancer.

This post sounds really bitter. I will probably remove it in a fit of blogger's remorse later. Its just that when I focus on things, I really want them to turn out the best they can be. I really want to help Danielle raise all the money she set out to, not only for the St Jude's children, but now for her father. It makes me angry that so many people badmouthed her right after her father died, I want to prove them wrong, that what she's doing is a good thing. And selfishly, I'd like reach the goal I set for myself as well. I want to know that if I set my mind to something, I can achieve it.

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  1. Having doubts and feeling a little bitter is all part of this whole blogging gig, I've found. I could probably write an entire novel when it comes to my own doubts, frustrations and hurdles! If you ever want to chat about it more, you can always hit me up on Google Plus or something :)

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make a small donation and try and promote the crap out of your fantastic cause! <3


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