Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WoW Wednesday- Etsy Finds

Happy Wednesday! Here are some great WoW finds courtesy of Etsy.

There are a lot of really cool World of Warcraft items on Etsy right now! Its still mostly Horde dominated, but you can find some great Alliance things on there too, you just have to do a little digging :)

Don't forget, St Jude's Play Live fundraiser starts this Friday! I am taking part by live streaming some of my WoW and Heartstone game play. Please help me reach my goal of raising $100 by donating at Thanks! 


  1. I happen to know a certain Hearthstone addicted gammerhubby who would LOVE that mug.

  2. That hearthstone mug! The murloc wallet! Awesome finds all round! I believe this image is very appropriate here:

  3. That's exactly how I felt! There was a cute corset too, but when I went to finalize my list, the listing had expired :(

  4. The mug is one of my favorite finds! I have so many mugs though...I don't know if I can justify buying another :/

  5. The craftsmanship is amazing! If I had the money, I'd totally buy it! And, I don't even play the Horde that much, I'm more of an Alliance girl lol.


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