Friday, June 20, 2014

So About That Last Giveaway.....

Congratulations to Nicole! You are the winner of the iTunes gift card! So check your email....its a lengthy one lol.

If an iTunes gift card wasn't your cup of tea, next week I will be giving away a $10 League of Legends card, good for the purchase of...whatever it is you buy in LoL.

This giveaway was a bit of an eye opener for me. I found that people didn't want to enter if they had to donate. I get that. Times are difficult. But for any of the giveaways I'm doing that are specifically to raise money for St Jude, that's going to be mandatory. The thing is, you don't have to donate a lot. You could donate one dollar and not only be eligible for the prize, but I would be pleased as punch that you donated. I hate that people might've felt like I was looking for a huge amount, because I'm not. Its true that I set my goal at $100 by today, and no, I haven't reached it, but that's okay. As long as I reach it by the end of the fundraiser (September 1st), I will still feel proud of  myself for accomplishing that goal. And I will be so grateful for everyone that helped me reach it (I'm already so thankful for the donations I've received.). I will be holding at least one giveaway thats not St Jude related (because I love you guys), but the option to donate will still be there (it just won't be mandatory).

With this giveaway I also learned that people will be deceitful, and that's so wrong. I advertise my giveaways on Instagram as a way to get fresh eyes to my blog. I had someone who seemed really interested in entering comment on it over there. Well.....she lied about donating to St Jude to unlock all the extra entries. And then she lied about the information needed for extra entries. I thought I was clear when I said that I verify. And the fact that the donating to St Jude option wasn't really an option, but was mandatory to unlock the rest....I don't understand how anyone could think it was okay to lie.

This whole thing has been a learning experience. I have to accept it as such and move on, and next week's giveaway will hopefully go a lot smoother.


  1. Wow. I can't believe someone would lie about giving to charity just to win stuff. That just seems so. wrong.

  2. I know! I was so upset when I saw that someone had done that.


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