Monday, March 2, 2015

Mixtape Monday #3

Hello Monday and hello blog! I took a very unexpected and unplanned break from this blog, and I'm still not sure if I'll back it one hundred percent any time soon, but I hope so! So thank you for sticking around :)

Today's mixtape is dedicated to Lindsey Stirling. I love that she's made playing the violin cool. I played for many years, and got a lot of crap for it from kids at school. I think its a beautiful instrument though, and hope that one of my children will decide to try it when they get a little older (I'm so pleased that my oldest niece has already started lessons!). Lindsey also does a lot of "geeky" videos; theme songs to video games and animes.etc. But her videos are so cool, I don't think they look geeky at all. So here are some of my favorite Lindsey videos, and I hope you'll check out her CDs, Lindsey Stirling and Shatter Me. I own both CDs, and they're amazing! Plus, they're really great to listen to if you have kids in the car. Clean lyrics (when there are any), classical-ish music, but still very modern. 

Roundtable Rivals

Shatter Me ft Lzzy Hale

Radioactive ft Pentatonix

Star Wars Medley ft Peter Hollens

Pokemon Dubstep Remix ft Kurt Hugo Schneider

Do you have any favorite Lindsey Stirling songs? Let me know in the comments!

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