Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Poppin' Off Early Edition- The Walking Dead Season Five Finale

*As always, this post will contain spoilers from Sunday night's episode. If you haven't watched it or haven't heard what happened yet, you probably don't want to read this.*

Oh Alexandria. What a fickle place you are. So naive and yet a little bit vicious. I kinda like it. There was a lot of speculation on what Sunday night's episode was going to be. With it being bumped up to 90 minutes, everyone was thinking something big was coming. I was pretty sure that Glenn was going to eat it, and I'm not the only one. With all the teasers of Glenn and bats, his demise at the hands of Lucille seemed inevitable this season. So when I made the mistake on getting on Twitter while the East Coast was watching the finale, and I started seeing the OMG GLENN NOOOOOO tweets, I thought for sure he was a goner. Well, he wasn't. So you guys on the East Coast are a little dramatic lol. But he did come close, twice, at the hands of Nicholas, and when Glenn didn't kill that fool, I got a little angry. He needs to go.

You know who else needs to go? Father Gabriel. When he went on his little nature walk, and told that zombie that he was ready, I got so excited! He betrayed Rick's group by going to Deanna and saying what horrible people they are. They're so horrible that they let him tag along, even though he's been nothing but a whiny baby and a hindrance to the group. And excuse me, but who was the one that locked all his churchy friends out and let them die in the interest of self preservation? Yeah, that was you Father Gabriel, not Rick. So on the scale of one to you're a mega douche, I'd say he's a lot worse than Rick and Company. At least Rick kills for the protection of his makeshift family. Father Gabriel just hides in the corner like a puss. Then when Sasha went to him for help, and he told her that it was her and Tyreese's fault that Bob died. What the hell dude? That's not very priest-like, that's messed up. And the Padre still isn't very apocalypse savvy, as he left the gate open for zombies to just come on in and make themselves at home. Its a good thing Rick noticed that one had gotten through, and the delivery of its head to his hearing was a nice touch. It's probably the reason that Deanna let him stay in Alexandria. That, and when Porchdick Pete was trying to kill Rick, he sliced open Reg first and Deanna asked Rick to kill him for her. So long Porchdick! It was nice knowing you. Now maybe Rick can start a family again with Jessie.

Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) did an interview where he said that fans would be pissed off at this finale. His comments added to the Glenn dying theory, but after watching the finale, I don't think that's what he meant. I left the finale feeling pissed off that they killed the wrong people! I mean, Porchdick Pete needed to go, that's for sure. But poor Reg? He didn't do anything. I know that they are following a comic book story line there (and that's amazing, since I haven't read one Walking Dead comic, but comment sections on TWD articles are so informative), but did they really have to do it? Nicholas and Father Gabriel really needed to die in that episode. And really, Sasha did too. Shes so self destructive right now, its annoying and she either needs to get over it, or she needs to get back in that pit with the zombies.

This episode also brought us Morgan. After seeing little glimpses of him throughout the season, he is finally brought to the group. He helped save Aaron and Daryl from a trap that the Wolves had set. And that's the other big takeaway from this finale- The Wolves. We've been seeing these zombies with W's on their heads for this last half of the season, and now we know that they are marked for Wolves. Morgan had a talk with a Wolves member at the start of episode, where the Wolves member tells him that hes going to take everything from Morgan, including his life. As we know, that didn't happen, but the monologue was a nice way to explain what this group is and what the people of Alexandria are going to be up against. At the end of the episode, after we see more Wolves members resetting their food truck trap that almost killed Aaron and Daryl, we see them killing the member that failed to capture them, and we also see them looking at pictures of Rick's group in Alexandria. Season six will have to center around conflict with the Wolves, and if what all the comment commandos are saying is true....Glenn with finally meet his demise at the hands of Negan and Lucille :(

And lastly, it's also been hinted that someone in the group is going to turn into a bad guy (or gal). After watching these past few episodes, does anything think that's Carol (or Scarol? I can't think of her as anything else thanks to Chris Hardwick)? She came into Alexandria playing the timid old lady who can't do much, but shes basically Martha Stewart on steroids. Being a gangsta towards that kid, threatening Pete in the finale, turning on Rick when they were asking him about the gun, even though it had been her idea to get them....It just seems like shes planning her own thing now.

What did you think of the finale?  Were you thinking that Glenn was going to die too? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I haven't watched the finale just yet, so imagine my surprise when I read your blog. Not your fault though, you had a disclaimer above. Glenn can't die though. He just can't. lol. Too bad we'll be waiting for months for the next season. :(

  2. Ha! I was one of those dramatic East Coasters. There's a woman at work about my grandma's age and she and I live for talking about this show after every episode! I don't think they killed the wrong people at all, though! As much as I'd have liked to see Nick the Dick go, I think it was pragmatic of Glenn to not kill him. For one, he is tough but he still has maintained his humanity and moral compass. Two, he knew there was the forum happening re: Rick and the possibility of casting him out, and it wouldn't have looked good for Glenn to kill Nicholas or for Nicholas to just disappear outside the walls, especially if shit went south at Rick's hearing. Gabriel probably won't last long. I'm almost thinking, given that characters in the show tend to not die the way their comic book counterparts do (like Tyreese is the one beheaded by the Governor instead of Hershel, Lori is shot instead of dying in childbirth) that somebody will die by bludgeoning à la Lucille, but I don't think it'll be Glenn. I'm thinking it could be Gabriel or Eugene (even though I love Eugene).

    But anyway. My coworker and I looked at each other and said "THAT FINALE THOUGH." They ended strongly, that's for sure!

  3. You East Coasters gave me a heart attack!! I thought Glenn was dead and I was gonna cry lol.

    Oooh, I didn't even think of Glenn holding back like that. It certainly would've looked bad for Rick. I really hope they don't kill Glenn off, I really like him and Maggie together. I even hope that they keep Eugene. I think that he's trying to fix his mistakes and the dynamic between him and Abraham is an interesting one. Its not quite a bromance...but you can't really see one without the other.

    Even though I was angry that certain people didn't bite it, I'm also glad that they didn't kill off anyone major and I'm excited for season six. At least one of those bad guys better die then :) And I really want to see if Carol maintains her sweater set and cookies image, or if she finally drops the act and goes back to OG Carol.

  4. October can't come soon enough! I'm excited to see what happens in Alexandria now that the Wolves are coming. And I really hope that they keep Glenn around and don't stick to the comics in that aspect. It will be brutal if they do.

  5. I read a spoiler that Glenn wasn't going to die, but up until I read that, I thought he would. I even did sort of think the spoiler was wrong as I was watching it, but I wasn't going to jump to any dramatic conclusions until it actually happened haha.

    I saw Father Gabriel leaving the gate open as an intentional thing. The way he responded to whats-his-name (I can't keep track of all the Alexandrians' names xD) when he asked him to close it...and the fact that there was a lot more to it than just pulling it shut. You had to shut it, pull the bar down, and then shut the other gate. He shoved it so that whats-his-name would hear it close, but he also shoved it in a way that it would bounce back open. Maybe he didn't know how to close it properly; maybe I'm reading wayyy too much into this, but to me, it screamed, "I'm letting all the walkers in muahahaha" lol.


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