Wednesday, April 1, 2015

100 Days of Being Geek Chic- Day 1

I am excited to take part in this awesome concept created by Ariel of The Nerdy Birdie! I occasionally document my struggles with self improvement here, so I thought that joining this group would give me the extra push I need to make my goals happen. Visit here for all the info, join the Google community, and I hope you'll be joining me for this great project!

This is where I post a picture of myself...but I recently got a new computer, and I don't have any pictures of me on it. I'll put one up when I have the chance!

Name: know me as *aka*Krystelle. We'll go with that for now.
Age: 31
Blog: You're reading it :)
What interested me in joining the project? Like I mentioned above, I sometimes have trouble meeting goals on my own. I just need the extra push sometimes. And, if I meet some cool geek girls in the process, that'd be pretty cool too.
What do I geek out about? New Kids on the Block, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, books (I'm going to my first book convention in two weeks, so excited!), notebooks (its an addiction, really...), The Walking Dead, King of the Nerds, teen movies, Netflix (I just love it, okay?).....the list is long....

Remember that Google community I posted about? Well this, and every post pertaining to this project, will be posted in that community as well. And some of my answers will be a little different. If you like to compare and contrast like I do, come join the group and compare away!

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