Thursday, April 2, 2015

100 Days of Being Geek Chic- Day 2

Today's post is a fun one: if my personality was an outfit, what would it look like? Some might argue that everything you already wear is an extension of your personality, and I tend to agree with that for the most part. But there is that tiny part of me that disagrees too. When I was growing up, there were a lot of things I wanted to wear, but my parents didn't allow me to because they thought they were trashy lol. And even today, there are a lot of things I'd like to wear but don't. Sometimes its because I don't think its appropriate to wear because I'm a mom, other times its because I don't think I can wear it because of my weight, and sometimes I don't know if I should wear it because of my age (like anything with cartoon characters. Am I too old?).

If I Was An Outfit...

This is actually pretty close to what I wear on an every day basis. I am very much a jeans and tee shirt girl and dressing up for anything sends me into a panic attack. Its an easy outfit to wear when you have children, and I guess it suits my personality in that this outfit makes it easy for me to blend in. I'm very, very shy so I don't like calling too much attention to myself. I'm also very clumsy, so wearing anything nicer than tee shirts and jeans is an automatic ruining of said item of clothing.

I'm either wearing basic Converse or really silly and loud shoes. All of my Vans are some sort of crazy pattern, and I've recently gotten into wearing bright running shoes that match nothing that I own. I also like to wear accessories with my outfits because they're still showing off who I am and what I like, just a little more discreetly. The other day I was at a PTA meeting and said something just randomly, and one of the school administrators commented that she didn't know I was so funny and that it really surprised her. I like to think of my accessories that way. They're little surprises in an otherwise bland outfit.

In the picture above, I own the H&M shirt, the Paul Frank glasses (can't see without them!), the black on black Converse, and the Ariel hair bow. Its my hope to own the constellation earrings and California necklace soon.

What about you? If your personality was an outfit, what would it look like? Share in the comments below or come join us in the Google community!

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  1. I like this subtle geeky outfit, the Ariel bow is super cute! My 'thing' is logo t-shirts and it's now at a point if I wear a plain tee I feel weird haha. Most of mine have cartoons/geeky graphics on them!
    I like how you incorporate your personality into your accessories. | all things cute and geeky 🎀🎮


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