Saturday, April 4, 2015

100 Days of Being Geek Chic- Day 4

What goals do you have participating in 100 Days?

I guess we knew this question was coming. You can't have a project like this without some goals. I mean, that's the whole reason I signed up. I wanted to accomplish some of the goals I started for myself at the beginning of the year and have been majorly been slacking on. So I guess my goals for this project would be these:

1. Get healthy. I bought myself some pretty athletic shoes and some workout DVDs and I really want to get to it. Its my goal now to get in good enough shape to not want to pass out while walking around SDCC this year, but ultimately I'd like to lose at least 20 of these disgusting pounds that these medications have made me gain by the end of the year. I really hate setting number specific goals though, because I get so bummed out if I don't meet them. 

2. Control my social anxiety. Its been getting really out of control lately. Like getting in front of people makes me shake and blush and stutter and its so embarrassing. I can't say that I just need to get out and do more public speaking because I do enough of it and it doesn't help. My husband gets frustrated with me because I complain about not having any friends, but on the rare occasions that we go places together, he'll go off talking to people and I get left alone. I just can't go to people and start talking, I feel really stupid and uncomfortable. So I'm hoping that these activities will help me open up and explore different aspects of myself, and maybe I'll find something in myself that can help me stop being such a wreck.

3. To finish this. I have a problem finishing things. This blog is a fine record of that. So if I can keep up with this for the full one hundred days, I will be really proud of myself. And maybe that will give me the push to finish some other goals too.

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