Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WoW Wednesday- So You Wanna Be On Catfish? And Other Things.

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am feeling a bit under the weather, which isn't horribly abnormal for me, except I am experiencing some flu-like symptoms which is gross.

Now that Lunar Festival is over, the Darkmoon Faire is in high gear! As always, its a great opportunity to earn achievements, do dailies for some xp and gold, and a chance to earn Darkmoon Faire tickets that you can use to purchase pets, mounts, and gear. Wowhead has a nice little guide here, telling you all about it. I'm saving up for the Darkmoon Dancing Bear because I think it'd be cool to have a bear mount that dances.

Super fun news if you watch Catfish or just want to be on teevee. They want WoW players for upcoming shows! I think the idea is great. I know I met someone who became a pretty important part of my life through WoW. But that teevee show is focused on love relationships, so I don't know how they're going to do friendships. Plus, even looking at the application, its like they want to find some romantic or secret between you, and I personally wouldn't put myself in that spot (though I would like to meet my WoW friend one of these days). I will definitely watch whatever episode they make from this though, I think it will be interesting to see some WoW players out from behind their screens :) Visit Wowhead for all the details and a cool giveaway for some Iron Skyweavers and Alterac Brew Pups.

What else is new? Oh, you can now purchase non digital items through the Blizzard store again. Yay! I've been wanting to buy an authenticator forever (because I constantly break my phones, and always having to remove authenticators from my account is a pain), but the option hasn't been their since they've put their store in beta. So go check out the store for all your digital and non digital Blizzard needs- its all there now.

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