Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Quick WoW Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! This WoW Wednesday will be quick, as there's not much going on.

We're in the home stretch of the Midsummer Fire Festival. I haven't even done the quests this year on any of my toons (aside from honoring and desecrating some flames). I just don't have love for this holiday, and I've been really focused messing around with my 90 on Timeless Isle. The Midsummer Fire Festival runs until this weekend.  Don't forget to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July! Also, the Darkmoon Faire will be back on Sunday- yay!

And for some exciting news, I have paired with Neri at Mama Needs Mama for a fantastic giveaway! You have the opportunity to win the badass Warforged Mount for World of Warcraft and a $15 iTunes gift card. Visit her site to enter! I wish I could enter this giveaway, I love this mount! And the hitching post that comes with it to transform your party's mounts is pretty awesome as well.

PS  Just a little note to remind you of the League of Legends giveaway that I'm currently having. Remember, you have to donate through my donor page to be eligible, or all of your entries will be disqualified.

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