Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One Week til SDCC!

Just one more week until thousands of nerds will descend upon sunny San Diego for Comic Con. Here's my checklist of things to do in the week leading up to the big event. They are mostly for those of us who are traveling to San Diego, but I think there are some things that are good even for people that do live in SD.

One Week:
*Car maintenance. This is for all of us out of towners who are driving there. Get your oil changed, tires rotated, filters changed. Not only will it help with  your gas mileage, you'll have some piece of mind that your car isn't going to crap out on the way there or on your way back home. Also, if you take it to get maintenanced and they find something majorly wrong with it, this week will give you the chance to a) fix it or b) secure another source of transportation.

*Confirm accommodations. Make sure the hotel knows you're coming! If you're staying with other nerds, make sure those arrangements are still in place, and make sure you know how everything will be split (food/gas/hotel room costs) so there's no surprises.

*Check for tickets to events. Yes I realize you should have been doing this for months now (I know I have), but it seems like a lot of the announcements for things happen in the days leading up to it, and even during the convention itself. Its also wise to set up your phone's Twitter notifications now for NerdHQ and any other vendor/celebrity/event that you're hoping to see. Sure the notifications might be annoying for this week, but you'll be grateful to have them once its go time.

Four Days- Shopping!
*Snacks. I can get away with buying things about four days away from an event without having someone in my house finding it and eating it! Pack snacks that are lightweight, don't require refrigeration, that are filling yet easy on your digestive system. I would also suggest water over sodas or energy drinks, but thats up to you. I like to bring a few flavor packs for my water bottles for variety.

*Toiletries. If you don't travel much, you may not have your toiletries in order. Basics are shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, a razor, Q-Tips, hair brush and deodorant. But you know what you need, so shop accordingly. If you're flying in, you may want to avoid the TSA hassle and just buy them once you get to San Diego.

Two Days- 
*Paperwork. Put all your SDCC paperwork in an envelop and then pack it! Or put it somewhere you'll remember to grab it when it's time to leave. I have a binder where I keep all of our important household papers and I have a folder just for SDCC stuff. Its easy to locate, and easy to remove all the stuff once I need it.

*Start packing. I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to procrastinate. Starting early gives me the chance to come back to it when I want, or as the laundry is clean. Its also a good way to see if I'm forgetting something.

One Day-
*Fill Up Your Gas Tank. Better to do it the night before, that way if you're running late in the morning its one less thing you have to worry about.

*Finish Your Packing. If you didn't finish it yesterday, do it now! Don't forget your paperwork, toiletries and chargers for your phone, laptop, camera, etc!

*Make A SDCC Mix. I like to make CD mixes and playlists, so any excuse to make one is good for me.

*Go To The Bank. Remember, you're going to need some cash. Not all vendors take cards, and you might just need it for incidentals.

*Go To Sleep. Its going to be a long, exciting, busy day tomorrow, you're going to need your rest!

Happy Comic-Conning everyone!

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