Friday, January 2, 2015

The Renaissance Project- Take Two (or Three....)

Happy 2015 everyone! Today I want to talk about The Renaissance Project. Its that thing that I started at the beginning of last year and then kinda let it slip away. Well, I'm going to go over what I accomplished, what I didn't, and then set my new shiny goals for this year :)

Here are the goals that I set for myself last year:

*lose 20 lbs
*visit the Old Zoo in L.A.
*read 10 books
*keep up with Rat Queens and Sex Criminals
*visit one National Park
*more road trips
*make more time to be creative
*Project Life (monthly, not weekly)

Well....I read ten books (yay!). I lost ten pounds because of my health issues, but then gained it all back and then some when my doctors started messing with my medications (bleh). I sorta kept up with Rat Queens and Sex Criminals, then my local comic book shop closed because they let their personal life drama interfere with their business life, so I'm currently on the hunt for the issues I'm missing (plus, I started reading like, five other comics its become a thing...). I didn't visit the Old Zoo or a national park. I didn't do Project Life at all, but I did find time to do some creative things, though not much. And the road trips...well, I set myself up for failure with that one. My husband traveled a lot in 2014 for airsoft, and I was hoping that he would take us along for some of those trips. It had been discussed, its not like I was just completely wishing it, but it always fell through. And the trips we were supposed to take to make up for it never happened. I wish I could say that extensive traveling will happen this year, because I definitely have wanderlust fever, but hes going to be traveling even more for airsoft this year, so I'm not holding my breath. I am, however, determined to make it to a national park, but more on that a little later.

*four giveaways
*more contributors
*new segments- The Renaissance Project and Currently
*book/comic book reviews
*a mini series based on a Kerri Smith book (How to Be an Explorer of the World)
*improve my social media presence (Twitter and Facebook)

I did alright with my blogging goals. I held more than four giveaways, and I improved my social media presence a little bit (yes to Twitter, eh on Facebook). The new segments didn't hold, like I said, I let TRP slip as the year went on, and while I like the idea of a Currently post, my life just isn't exciting enough for them. Once I like something, I pretty much latch onto it for months, so I struggled to find things to put in my Currently posts. I am thinking of trying it again though, as a monthly instead of a weekly like I originally wanted. I did a few book reviews, but I wanted to do a lot more. And I don't think I reviewed one comic. If I find a new comic book store and start reading them again, I definitely want to start doing those. And the mini series.... I am hanging on to that because I had them written out, I just never posted them! What's up with that?!

Here's a picture of a Scottish Fold for sticking around through this long post! 
Goals for this year:

*get healthy
*visit one National Park
*complete a year of Project Life
*read 15 books

These may seem a little vague (especially the get healthy goal) but I have help! I purchased the Happy New You bundle from Erin Condren; which has a wellness journal, a budget planner and some other stuff. I really want to stay organized this year, so I figured that'd be a great way to do it. I also purchased this sheet from Elise Blaha as a way to track a few different goals (side note, I am really looking forward to the get to work book shes launching this spring. I hope I'm lucky enough to buy it). I also have the National Parks passport, which I've owned since 2011, and have not one cancellation in it. I am determined to change that this year. What's the point of owning one, buying all the sticker sets to make it pretty, and not doing anything with it? I also have the Project Life Planner Pages, which I plan on using to complete PL with this year. I bought it at Michael's during the middle of 2014 when it was on sale. I guess you're supposed to use it as a regular planner, but its not practical for me in that way. And for the books...well, I barely squeaked in ten books last year, but I'm going to push  myself for fifteen this year. I really enjoy reading, I wish I had more time for it.

*collaboration with fellow bloggers
*try a few new segments/purging of old ones
*attend a convention as press
*learn to use an editorial calendar
*new layout/learn to make graphics
*sell ads

These seem like a lot, but they really aren't. Some are just editing things that I've written down to remind myself to complete :) I do want to focus on the few things I want to change, and make them really good though. I would also like to mention that I have reduced the pricing of my ads for this year. Selling ads would allow me to get a new background, which this blog so desperately needs. Plus, I'd like to be able to get some really awesome giveaway prizes too. I'd also like to collaborate more with other bloggers or shops. I was able to do so last year with some really great people, and am looking to branch out and do even more this year. And hopefully, if my bridges aren't completely burned, I would like to actually attend a convention as press this year. Last year my health was just too crappy to do it, but if I stick to my personal goal of getting healthy this year, it shouldn't be an issue.

So those are my goals for this year. What are yours?

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