Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Looking for Group and Raid Dynamics IRL

Its time for another WoW Wednesday! Today's post will touch on two things- the Looking for Group documentary that was premiered at last year's Blizzcon and a recent Anomaly podcast that discusses the dynamics of raid groups.

First up is Looking for Group. I watched it on Hulu a few weeks back, but you can watch the whole thing on YouTube if you don't subscribe to Hulu. It shows how WoW came to be, showcased some of WoW's more familiar players (Felicia Day, Brandon Routh, King of the Nerds Season 2 contestant Zachary Storch, etc) and I swear to Jeebus, you will see the lady the modeled the dwarves after. It was neat to see where some of the characters in-game get their names from, because even though I've played the game for a long time, I'm not super knowledgeable in the names of the creators. I recommend this documentary for anyone that's interested in how World of Warcraft came to be.

Now, onto the podcast (Listen to it here). I found this podcast through the Female Geek Bloggers group (that group just helps you find everything great on the Internet!). I was immediately drawn in by the topic, even though I don't raid. I mean, I do groups, which are just tiny, faster raids if you really think about it. I've never considered that the role I play in WoW could possibly translate to how I am outside of the game though.

But it makes a lot of sense. In WoW, I play caster classes. They are pretty much distance damage classes, but this also applies to healers. In real life, I tend to hang back from crowds, because I feel awkward just throwing myself out there. I'm pretty quiet, unless I know you, then its different. And my profession by license, though I'm currently unemployed, is pharmacy technician. So that heals, right?  And again, its a distance class. I'm not the doctor, right in the middle of it all, making those life changing diagnosis, I just dispense your meds and help you along. I'm a supporter. Even in my household. I do for everyone, not much for myself, just always keeping everything going. Thats like a dps, they are always keeping the damage coming, constantly keeping the group moving by supporting the tank and protecting the healer. My husband would fit the tank profile pretty well, and thats what he plays mainly in the game (his other toons are mostly rogues and hunters). Hes the life of the party, hes not shy at all. And his job in real life requires him to have a ton of people and problem solving skills, but he also has to be prepared to protect himself and others at a moments notice.

What do you think about this? If you play games like WoW, or LARP, do the characters you're drawn to represent your nature in real life, or do you go completely the opposite direction? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I can't listen to the podcast because I'm at work, but what you've said about it is interesting. I'm just like you in real life - I hang back from crowds and I'm super quiet except around people I know really well. My first character was a warlock. She's my heart character. Before things like mounts, pets, achievements became account-wide, she was my collector. I always level her first in an expansion. I think you get the idea. But my second most-loved character is a tank - the complete opposite of who I am in real life. And maybe that's why I enjoy it? Because I get to be somebody that's nothing like the real me? I don't know. I definitely want to listen to that podcast later, though!


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