Friday, March 18, 2016

Five Fandom Friday- Geeky Tattoos I Want

Hello and happy Friday! Today's 5FF is all about geeky tattoos I want/have. Well, I don't have any tattoos, so these are all things that I want to get. I've envisioned all of these on my wrists, so I guess I'd have to choose if I were to actually get any of them (otherwise it'd look all crowded and nasty). And I don't know if these are even considered geeky, I think the explanations behind most of them will be geekier than the actual tattoos, but here we go!

1. Ad astra per aspera.
When I was a child, I had an atlas of the United States that I just loved. I would read it all the time and basically obsess over all the factoids about all the states, and dream of all the places I wanted to go (the wanderlust was real, even at age eight). One of the things that always stuck with me was the Kansas state motto- ad astra per aspera, which is "to the stars through difficulties." That phrase meant a lot to me as I got older, and I used to write it on my wrist all the time. I Googled it once, and NASA had another definition for it- "a rough road leads to the stars". And that's a nice one too (Wikipedia has three actual definitions listed). But for my tattoo, I'll stick with Kansas.

2. There's a world we can visit if we go outside.
So I love Donald Glover (who used to rap as Childish Gambino). I think he raps so intelligently (that's totally a thing). And Camp was the CD that really made me love his music. This part of Outside really spoke to me. Its not on the racial level, because that's not my life. But I suffer from depression and anxiety to the point where its almost crippling. I say no to a lot of things because I don't feel comfortable. I stay home a lot. A lot. At first it was by choice, but now a lot of it is because I'm not given the opportunities that I once was, because of all the no's. Anyway, to me, the lyrics are a reminder to get out and see the world.

3. Turuan or imulat.
My great grandmother is from the Philippines, and coming to America was a dream come true for her. One of the things that amazed her the most was all of the educational opportunities that were available for us. She was always telling me and my brother how important it was for us to get an education. Every time I saw her, she mentioned it. When I was little, she always told me that she would teach me how to speak her language, but she felt I was too young to learn. She thought high school would be an appropriate time, since that's when they teach us second languages anyway. She passed away the summer before I started high school, so I never got to learn, but I've always wanted to have a tattoo that honors how much education meant to her, and to remind myself that I should always be learning something, or helping others learn. Google translate gave me the two words above, so I don't know which is the correct one to use. I would have to find a Filipino before making any permanent decision! And I also want the word tattooed on lines that look like notebook paper, I just think that looks cute.
(Not this many lines. Just enough to fit the word on.)

This is probably the only tattoo I don't want on my wrist. I was thinking the inside of my arm, by my elbow maybe, or running down the inside. It really depends on which of the Roman numerals I get. They are meaningful to me because March is a big month for me. My kids and I all have birthdays that month, and so did my grandma. So the three is for March, and the rest are our birthdays. I thought about just getting the three, and if that's the case, that would probably just go on my hand. I've also thought about getting little fishes to represent us, since we're all Pisces. Maybe a Roman numeral three with the teeniest of fish around it. Or hearts, tiny hearts. 

5. A star. 
So this is another one that wouldn't go on the wrist, but I would want a star in the web of my left hand. I used to draw one there a lot in high school, later my mom told me that one of my grandpa's had a tattoo there from his Navy days. I never met him, he died before I was born. She's the kind that believes in paranormal connections and stuff though, and always thought it was some sort of sign. I just knew that I liked it. And one summer, as I suffered through a horrible math class with two of my good friends, we all drew stars in that same spot every day. It was like our thing. I miss that. I miss them. 
(I like the placement of the top star. But want it smaller, and solid. And singular.)

Bonus: Yes, no, maybe. With a circle around the yes. 
To tie in with the Childish Gambino lyrics, this is another to remind me to say yes to more things, but done in the way of those old love notes you used to pass in grade school (I was always the giver, never the recipient of said notes). Anyway, I was largely inspired by Jim Carrey's movie Yes Man. I know you don't think of deep movies when his name is mentioned (unless its Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), and this movie isn't deep per say, but hes a dude that says no all the time, then gets challenged to say yes to everything, just to see how his life changes. I think I need more of that. 

There they are, all the tattoos I wish I had! Do you have any geeky tattoos, or want to get any? Let me know! And a big thanks to Megan and Kristin for making Five Fandom Friday a thing! 

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