Thursday, March 24, 2016

Silicon Valley Comic Con/Friday

This past weekend (March 18-20, 2016) was the first ever Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, California, put together by Steve Wozniack (The Woz) and friends.

The idea was an intriguing one: its a comic con, but infused with today's top technological and scientific minds. It sounded amazing, and I was so excited to attend this convention as press (my first one!!). I'll be writing about the convention in three parts, since there was a lot to digest. This is part one, Friday, the first day of the event.

Due to traffic and some other things (San Jose is about four hours from my hometown), my husband and I missed the ribbon cutting ceremony and the opening address. The con was only open for a few hours that day as it was supposed to be a preview night of sorts. We made it just in time to catch An Evening with William Shatner, the big billed panel for the day. It was interesting, and William Shatner likes to ramble on about whatever, and not really answer fan questions when asked. 

After leaving the main hall, we went downstairs to the little panel rooms and caught Trailer Park 2.0 with Harkonnen Knife Fight where they basically played trailers of movies coming out and then talked about them. I wanted to like the panel, but just couldn't, because the presenters (for the most part), were so dry. Supposedly they were a last minute fill in for whoever was slated to do it, so they were unprepared, but you don't really have to prepare to talk about your feelings towards movie trailers. And this is going to sound sexist (I apologize), but the males on the panel were much more entertaining than the females. The girls didn't seem to have opinions about anything except they "can't even" or its "not their" fill-in-character-name-here. The panel really left me wondering if all the other panels were going to  be like that, it didn't set a good tone for me. 

That was the last thing we did at the convention for Friday, after that we ate at this place called M Asian Fusion Restaurant because we hadn't acquainted ourselves with downtown San Jose and couldn't find anything else that was open (we totally should have gone a few blocks in the other direction, there was tons of stuff on the other side). I wouldn't recommend this place at all. The service was super slow (it wasn't that busy) and the food wasn't very good. In fact, I felt very sick after eating there and it kinda ruined my weekend.

Inside the restaurant:
I thought this statue looked spermy. 

So that's Friday in a nutshell. Stay tuned for Saturday! And did any of you attend SVCC? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

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