Monday, June 6, 2016

Phoenix Comic Con/Friday

I got to attend Phoenix Comic Con this year and it was so much fun. While it was a four day convention, I was only able to attend Friday and Saturday. The drive there was long (almost eight hours....), but it was worth it. I really like Phoenix, it reminds me a lot of where I am here in California, but also has that cool kid vibe that you find in L.A.

My husband and I loaded our kids into the car about 1:30 in the morning and started off to Phoenix, and made in there around 8:30am. We managed to park in our lot (which was cheap and super close to the convention center, so there was minimal walking) and make it into the convention center before the convention was even open for registration, so we got in line and waited. The line looked huge, but once it got moving, we got in to where we needed to be in no time- they were beyond efficient, and I really appreciated that. They had everything clearly labeled, so you knew where you needed to be (prepaid, press, buy on site, etc). One of the things that was weird to me was that they didn't hand out lanyards, bags or programs. Its probably because I'm spoiled, but I do expect those things from conventions that have been around a while. Especially since, once we were on the hunt for a program, we found out that there were none. Apparently they had run out during Thursday, and at 10am Friday, they had yet to restock. So they had a lot of angry con goers, and some already moody convention workers trying to deal with that problem. While I did think that was poor planning on the convention's part, eventually we did get our programs and convention life went on :)

My super cute pass and Her Universe pants.

We hit the convention floor first, since there wasn't a lot of people there and it had prime walk-ability. There were pretty much the standard con booths, minus a lot of the big comic names and clothing companies (but We Love Fine was there, and I love their clothes!). I was excited to see Filthy Casual there, I have been wanting to buy some of their gear for a long time and have never seen them at a convention. But their customer service was lame, the people at their booth were so rude. I did buy a shirt, but I really regretted it. I probably won't buy anything else from them either, that's how bad it was.

They had cutouts of the Geico camel, pig and gecko on display.

In the afternoon we decided to attend a panel, it was about re-dos in comics, and if they're killing superheroes. It was really interesting- most of the panelists seemed to think that re-tellings aren't horrible, but they all have comics as a profession in one way or another, so to say that rebirths are killing the industry wouldn't really be beneficial to them. Sadly, their names weren't listed in the program, the panelists are just "Phoenix Comicon Staff", so I'm guessing they just pulled these people last minute. They also didn't have nameplates, which I didn't like either. I usually just take a picture to remember who I saw, that didn't help this time.

The panelists.

After the panel we just walked the floor a little more, then decided to leave. We ate at Whataburger (love that place! I wish we had them in Cali) and went back to our hotel.

Watch for Saturday's post tomorrow! And if you attended, what did you like best about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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