Thursday, June 9, 2016

Quests/Bill and Ted's Circle K and Cabazon Dinosaurs

Recently, we went on a family trip to Phoenix for their Comic Con (read about it here, here, and here). It was a lot of fun, and my husband and I are hoping to go again next year (minus the kiddos though). While we didn't eat at a Waffle House (a newly acquired item on my life achievement list- what others would call a bucket list), we did get to visit the Circle K where Bill and Ted was filmed and those super huge Cabazon dinosaurs that I have been dying to see since every time we head that way lol. Its been years now, so that was exciting. 

So there are a million Circle Ks in Arizona. Fact. Or should be, since they're on every corner like Starbucks is here. We were gassing up at one before leaving, and with the Whoa, Keanu! panel still fresh in my head, I decided to see if we were anywhere near the Circle K where they filmed Bill and Ted. Guess what. We were like five minutes away! So we went to the Circle K and thought for sure that there would be some sort of Bill and Ted memorabilia. It would make total sense, right? Nope. Not one thing. We bought some snacks (and the nastiest Icee you will ever taste) and asked the cashier if lots of people come there because of Bill and Ted. She said" What? Nope." So we felt like weirdos and went outside to take pictures. Its at 1010 West Southern Avenue in Tempe if you're interested in visiting it yourself. 

Bill and Ted's Circle K!

So we drive a few hours........

And we're back in our home state! So we drive some more.....

Then we see signs for the Cabazon Dinosaurs! I didn't really think we'd stop and see them, because the drive home was feeling twice as long as the drive to Phoenix, but we stopped. And look at these bad boys.

They have some kind of museum or exhibit behind all this, but we didn't want to pay (and there aren't any large dinos that you don't get to see if you don't). The gift shop is located inside the Apato, which was cool but it was soooooo hot in there.

So those were our little side stops, and one day, I will eat at a Waffle House.....
It was right next to our hotel! So close, and yet, so far...

Have you visited any of these places? What did you think of them?

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