Friday, December 27, 2013

Personally...The Holidays

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I have been a little absent from the blog. The holiday season got to be a little overwhelming- and it isn't even over yet! In addition to New Year's, I have four birthdays to celebrate over the next few days. Today is my father-in-law and my youngest niece's, New Year's Eve is my mother-in-law's, and New Year's Day is my oldest niece's. Crazy busy time. Down below are just some snippets of my past few weeks. I'm sorry I haven't been around much, but that will be changing soon- promise! New year, new blog resolutions :)

First up, on December 6th, I became an Auntie one more time to a very handsome boy. I would love to share a million pictures of him, but I don't know how my sister would feel about that :) So now between my sisters and I, there are four girls and three boys. My parents like to joke that we can now start a softball team with the grandchildren. My sister (the one who just gave birth) also celebrated her birthday on December 11th.

Since I was late to the Advent calendar party, I did a twelve days of Christmas countdown with my kids. Above are some of the presents they received. They didn't really get that they were Advent presents, so they called them bonus presents instead. It really worked with distracting them from their actual presents.

So I won't lie, I didn't put up my Christmas tree until about six days before Christmas. I hadn't planned on that, but I had a procedure done on one of my toes that limited my mobility for a while, so that hampered my tree set-up. I felt bad for my children, but we had our mini pink Christmas tree up in our bathroom since the beginning of the month, and I put up new Christmas lights in there, so at least they had some festive details. I also added a garland to our fireplace mantle, along with the Elf of the Shelf Pop! Funko and I wrapped some sparkly garland on our mailbox outside. So it wasn't completely Grinchy here, but next year will be better.

Christmas Eve morning we took the kids to see Frozen (finally).I liked it, although it was pretty sad. And *tiny spoiler ahead if you haven't seen it* I really hate that Disney always kills the parents off in their movies. But visually it was stunning, and Olaf was my favorite.

Also on Christmas Eve, we made reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn. Its just Grape Nuts, glitter and star confetti- but my kids enjoyed making it, and really had a blast tossing it all over the yard. I let them put it out during the day since I knew we weren't going to be home later that night. It was so sunny on Christmas Eve, so the glitter really sparkled on our lawn.

Christmas was great. A very long day, but it was good. My husband and I bought our children the Wii U Zelda edition (which was really hard to find), and that was easily their favorite present. I'm excited to try out Wii U Fit, if I can ever pry the controllers from their hands lol. I received an Asus tablet from my husband, which I love. And pretty much everyone else got me gift cards, which is okay by me! I bought my husband some new shoes for him to play Airsoft in and some 49ers PJ pants. I was pleased with myself because I didn't have to use any of his money to buy it (I'm a stay at home mom with no income of my own). I always hate buying him presents with his own money, it just feels wrong. But I sold some stuff earlier in the year and made enough to buy some gifts. He did buy himself one gift that I gave him though- it was Killzone for the PS4. We bought it in a bundle from Target- it was buy any two games, get one free. And we had bought two games for our kids' Christmas presents in the same bundle. But he was the one that told me to wrap it up and give it to him lol, so I did.

Here is Pentatonix singing my favorite Christmas song Carol of the Bells. I didn't know who they were until I started watching The Sing Off this season.

How was your Christmas/ holiday season?

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  1. Those two are so good together! Everything they do is gold


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