Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WoW Wednesday- The Feast of Winter Veil

Not too much going on in the World of Warcraft lately, but I am most excited because The Feast of Winter Veil has started. Running from December 16- January 2, all of Azeroth will be decorated in Christmas finery,  with lots of achievements to earn and quests to complete. You'll get to save Metzen the Reindeer, slay the Abominable Greench, and wear Gaudy Winter Sweaters. And don't forget to visits Greatfather Winter in Ironforge or Orgrimmar on Christmas Day, if you've been good you'll get lots of presents. I think if you're not in the holiday spirit by now (and you really should be, there's only eight more days until Christmas), seeing WoW done up will help you get there. Its always been my most favorite holiday in-game (right next to Valentine's Day). Check out WoW Wiki for more info on the holiday.

'Twas the feast of Great-Winter

And all through the land
All the races were running
With snowballs in hand.

The cooks were all frantic

And for those "in the know"
Swoops and owls were crashing
Like new-fallen snow.

Cookies and eggnog

Were consumed by all
As the snowballs flew freely
And drunks smashed into walls.

May your feast of Great-Winter

Be one merry and bright
And from all here at Blizzard
We wish you a fun night!

Photo from WoW Wiki user Coobra.

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