Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Mix Up #17

Happy March Everyone! Its birthday month here (my children and I are all March babies), so I happen to like this month quite a bit :) My grandma was also born in March (her birthday is the day after mine), so this month is also really hard for me because it just highlights how much I miss her. I also found out that the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club will be celebrating their first birthday this month as well, so its birthdays all around!

*Loving this California tee from Stately Type.

*I need this notebook from Denik up in here, up in here.

*Ladies Against Humanity (not for the faint of heart or politically correct)

*Speaking of Tumblr.....KMT is now on it! Follow along if you like :)

*Hot chocolate sounds so good right now. Looks good too.

*A fun St. Patrick's Day care package to be sure you or your loved ones don't get pinched!

*Any excuse to show my age and use a disposable camera.......

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