Saturday, March 1, 2014


Today's post is a combination of recent and current things, and its not very exciting.


A trip to Urgent Care and a trip to the Emergency Room and still, nobody seems to know whats wrong with me. Its very scary. As I type this now, I have a huge headache, my hands are shaking out of control, my face is twitching, I have limited use of my hands and my back is still hurting me really bad. The Urgent Care doctor said I had a muscular skeletal issue and that was that. Gave me some meds that didn't help at all. I went to see my regular doctor and he thinks its stress related. Made an appointment for  me to see a neurologist for the end of this month and told me to suck it up until then. The ER doctor said I just hurt my back, and that I might still have some Zoloft in me, which is why I'm shaking and having headaches. I don't buy it. These are some of the worse headaches I've ever had in my life. And there was no reasoning for the weirdo rapid heartbeats or my face twitching. Have any of you ever had any of these problems before? Are there any remedies that can help me? I seriously feel like I'm dying.

On the sunny side of things, I have been planning the birthday parties of  my son and daughter, and trying to decide if I should ignore my impending 3-0 or celebrate it. With all the health issues I'm having, I think that if I make it to the 13th of this month, I should celebrate, but I have really taken to giving it up for the sake of my daughter. A week or two ago, I  bought our badges for Wondercon. Since its Easter weekend and the Easter Bunny doesn't feel like hauling her goods all the way to Anaheim, I will be there Saturday only. I also bought tickets to see Aziz Ansari. Hes going to be in my town, and I managed to get seats in the third row. What sold my husband on getting tickets so close was two words : heckling distance. Last time we went to see a comedian (Doug Stanhope), we were right next to the stage. And he heckled the crap out of me over this dumb piece of cheesecake that wasn't even mine (it was my husband's). So my husband is hoping for something similar from Aziz.

Its also been raining like crazy here the past few days, which is such a relief! While everyone else has been having the most epic of winters this year, California has not. In fact, our lack of winter has brought on a serious drought for the state. It has caused our water rates to rise, prices of bottled water to rise, finding bottled water to become more difficult and its had a huge impact on our agriculture production. And again, while most people don't care about that, you should. California (especially the area in which I live) produces most of the produce for the US. Lack of product means you won't get all the yummy foods you want, and it will drive your food prices higher. Sorry. Here's an article on Mother Jones that breaks it all down.

Reading: Still not much reading book-wise, but I have been reading Livy Loves to Run lately and I love it. I will be doing a post on my health very soon, and her blog/Instagram is a big part in my trying to get with it and change my health for the better.

Afraid- The Neighbourhood

Watching: Nothing new! Just my usual Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta, King of the Nerds and Pretty Little Liars.

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