Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Mix Up #18

Happy Monday everyone! This week's Monday Mix Up is a little birthday wishlist. Thursday is the big day!


  1. I hope you get all the things you want on your birthday wishlist! Happy Early Birthday!!!

    Oooh! Both of those shoes are on my list! I think that Ballet Conditioning video seems cool! Have you done any of the Ballet Beautiful workouts? I have two of the DVD's and man, you can get an intense burn going in less than five minutes (I've never done ballet before though, so maybe its because I'm a noob?).

    1. Thanks!

      I haven't tried the Ballet Beautiful DVDs, but I want to! I heard that they are very intense. I really want to take ballet lessons, but I can't seem to find any adult classes in my city :( I used to dance when I was little, and I kinda miss it. Plus, I think dancing would be a fun way to get back in shape.


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