Friday, May 23, 2014

Poppin' Off- Pokemon X and Y Happy Meal Toys

Pokemon has become a household staple and I am thrilled that the McDonald's Happy Meal toys have finally transitioned from the Spider-Man toys to the Pokemon ones. I'm sure that I will now be spending way too much time at McDonald's trying to get all the Pokemon toys for my children (or maybe I'll just turn to eBay if I get desperate enough), but that's alright. Just remember that the Pokemon toys are considered the "boy" toys (they are having a concurrent promotion of American Girl toys for the "girl" toy), so if its presented to you in that way, just ask for the boy toys. I know that for the next few weeks (June 12th is the last day for the Pokemon toys I believe) I will have two boys while at McDonald's.

Visit the Happy Meal website for some cool  Pokemon printables too (found under the Activities tab). 

And here is a video by Kurt Hugo Schneider ft Lindsey Stirling doing a Dubstep version of the Pokemon theme song. I really enjoyed it (and what creepy timing YouTube, for sending me an email with this link right when I'm doing a post about Pokemon toys...)

I hope you all have a great weekend! And to my US readers, happy Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the extra day off :)


  1. YAY! Pokemon toys again! I remember the Burger King ones from back in HS! LOL

    1. I don't remember those :( I wasn't into Pokemon at all back in the day, but I had some friends who were. Its too bad I wasn't, I'm sure my kids would've loved older Pokemon toys (and I missed out on all those years of Pikachu!).


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