Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WoW Wednesday

I have started playing WoW again! Yay! I started playing right at the tail end of Children's Week, and managed to do the Darkmoon Faire (totally missed Noblegarden though, which was a bummer). I have been playing my level 90 shadow priest on the Alliance, running around Panda land and doing the copious amounts of dailies that are out there now that I can fly. I've always been big on dailies (remember all those dailies you could get in Shattrath? Anyone? Bueller?), so this is super exciting for me. I just wish it was on my mage, but they're all hovering around around level 86-88 and are severely under geared. 

Last week was also the time to buy BlizzCon tickets. I was super pissed because I didn't see anything announcing it, so  I completely missed the May 7th opportunity. They usually send emails announcing it, plus they advertise it on the opening Battlenet screens, but again, I saw nothing. It wasn't until I saw people's screenshots on Instagram later that night that I learned about it, and the second opportunity on May 10th. My husband and I tried on May 10th, but of course, we didn't get tickets. The system they used sucked, and we got kicked out of the waiting room a few times. Tickets were showing as available, then we'd try to purchase them and either we'd get kicked off of the screen, or the screen would say that the tickets were no longer available. It was very frustrating and I feel that Blizzard didn't handle the ticket sales well at all. They usually don't, but this was probably one of the worst years. We've been trying to get tickets since 2006, so its been very frustrating. It only took four years for us to get SDCC badges lol, and its supposed to be super difficult to get SDCC badges.

Did any of you get lucky enough to score BlizzCon tickets? Any thoughts on this year's ticketing system?

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