Friday, November 14, 2014

Five Fandom Friday- Apps I Can't Live Without

It's time for another Fandom Friday!! This time its for five apps that you just can't live without (and mine came out to like seven, and a bonus app). I mean, I'm sure I could live without these, but its easier not to :)

 1. Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda.
These games are so addicting! I just found out about Candy Crush Soda the other day, but I've been playing Candy Crush for a long time. I've never made it past level 100 though. Thats about the time I break whatever phone I'm playing it on, then have to get a new one and start all over again. I don't have it linked to my Facebook because I do think those requests are annoying. The fun thing about having the two games is that while I'm out of lives in one game, I can always play the other. 

2. Epocrates.

Many people will find this app boring if you're not in the medical field, but its actually pretty handy. I first started using it while in school to become a pharmacy tech, and while I'm not currently employed in that field, I still use this to make sure I'm not taking any meds that are interacting with each other, etc. I don't recommend that you use it for its dosing calculator if you don't have any experience with that, but it does come in handy if you like to snoop through people's medicine cabinets or hear a name of a medicine on a teevee show. Don't know what that generic medicine's brand name counterpart is? Epocrates will tell you. It will even tell you what that medicine is used for :)

3. Cartwheel.
I am a Target-aholic, so anything that can save me money while I'm there is A+++++ in my book. This app is very handy, although most of the savings are on Target brand items, There are fun little badges to earn that unlock more spots, which comes in handy as well. You can also use Cartwheel at the same time as coupons, the 5% off card from the pharmacy and your Target Red Card, which saves you 5% every time you use it, so the potential savings are huge if you use it right. (And I promise you, Target did not pay me to write that! I just shop there enough that I've learned it all lol).

4. Instagram/ A Beautiful Mess Photo App. 
Instagram is my favorite timewaster, and A Beautiful Mess is my favorite way to post photos there. I don't use Instagram as much as I used to, but its still a favorite when I get a chance. And I love ABM for making a decent Android app that allows me to modify my photos and isn't super expensive.

5. Pandora.
I like Pandora the best for music. I used Slacker for a while, but then it started asking for all kinds of crazy permissions that a music streaming service shouldn't have. Pandora also has some that are a little questionable, but  not as many as Slacker. Plus, Pandora seems to understand my musical tastes just a little bit better. It also comes in handy for those dodgy spots in road trips where you can't get a radio station, but you can still get cell service.

And the bonus app- Nerd HQ!
This app really made my SDCC experience something special last year. I was able to get tickets to see some of my favorite actors because of it, and overall, it was just great. Its a must have app for anyone attending SDCC, or anyone trying to tackle the activities outside the convention.

So those are my favorite apps! Thanks to Megan and Kristin for coming up with these Fandom Friday topics!

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  1. LOVE Cartwheel!!! I like saving money...especially at what is arguably one of my face stores.


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