Friday, November 21, 2014

Poppin' Off- Big Hero 6

There might be tiny spoiler's in this one. Sorry! I tried really hard not to!

Big Hero 6 is everything you could ask for in a superhero movie. Except, when you purchase your ticket, you probably aren't expecting to watch a superhero movie. I know I wasn't.

Hiro and his brother live with their aunt in San Frantokyo because their parents passed away when they were young, and Hiro is kind of a boy genius. He gets into trouble, and his brother ends up convincing him to go to "nerd school" with him. Then something terrible happens, and Hiro gets into a funk. This is when he finds out that an invention his brother had been working on, Baymax (the big marshmallow guy) is there, and everything starts to change.

If you think back to every great hero's origin story, it pretty much goes like this: death and/or extreme wealth, superpowers (accidental or self-given), sidekick, villain to ruin, life to live normally. Right? Well, that's pretty much Big Hero 6. Except Hiro gets five sidekicks (he basically gets a set of Avengers), and more than one of them has an origin story thats worthy of superheroness (or villainy), which makes me wonder (hope!) if they have a sequel in the works. As far as characters go, I think that Baymax is the new Groot. Hes so lovable, especially doing a fist bump! And Go Go is going to a new cosplayer favorite.

The movie was really compelling though. It was an emotional rollercoaster for sure. So many moments to be happy, but just as many moments to be sad. I felt like I was watching a Marvel movie, it was just animated. And speaking of Marvel, a very special person *cough*Stan Lee*cough* makes a cameo in Big Hero 6. Its quick, and I know that a lot of people in the theater that I watched it at didn't catch it. Also, just like a Marvel movie, stay until the very end of the credits, there's a bonus scene there thats pretty awesome. I would have left during the credits if I hadn't seen a tweet earlier that day saying that there was that bonus scene. Some of the theater workers didn't even know it was there, and tried to kick the few of us that stayed out of the theater so they could clean it. [Side note: I've been reading this paragraph for a few minutes now, seeing how many times I wrote how it was like Marvel. So after spending some time with my best friend Google, I learned that the Big Hero 6 were in fact Marvel comic books.So theres that. The more you know. ]

The movie was really good, my kids are already asking when we can buy it, and if you go to see it in theaters, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Immortals by Fall Out Boy 
From the Big Hero 6 soundtrack

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