Friday, November 28, 2014

Gift Guide- Convention Goer

Happy Friday! I hope you've all recovered from your turkey comas! Today's gift guide is all about the convention goers in your life. This person could value SDCC more than Christmas! So its even more important to get them something that, come July in San Diego (or whatever their convention of choice is), they'll look at it and think that you're almost as amazing as that photo they just took with Nathan Fillion.

1. Con*Quest Journal. I found out about these bad boys right before SDCC this year and was crushed that I couldn't buy one because I was broke (you know, from saving for SDCC). They are comparable to Smashbooks, so you can just shove your con junk in there and have a pretty decent memory book of the convention with very little effort.

2. Handbag of Holding. Its no secret that I want this bag. I even put it on a Monday Mix Up earlier this year. It has a lot of pockets, to hold all the essential convention items (pens, electronics, cords, snacks, etc), and it has the option of making it a cross body bag, which is really nice when those convention days turn into convention nights, and you just don't feel like your predominate purse carrying shoulder can carry anymore. Plus, its a nice brown that can go with several cosplays if thats a concern for you.

3. Comfy pants. I like these Firefly leggings and R2D2 yoga pants for the ladies and these Star Wars lounge pants and Jinx lounge pants for the guys, but you know what your con goer prefers :) Once you're done walking the convention floor or hitting the amazing after parties, you still want to rock your geekdom in your hotel room! 

4. Nerdist Convention Hoodie. This hoodie has all the bells and whistles. Lots of pockets to carry your stuff in, even posters!

5. A backup power source.  The battery life struggle is real at conventions. Sometimes you just can't get one of those outlets on the convention wall, and you know your phone or your camera just isn't going to make it through the day. That's when a portable charger comes in handy, though they can sometimes be bulky. If your con goer doesn't have one of these already, they will love you for this! My husband recently bought a battery charger that similar to this Anker® 2nd Gen Astro E4 13000mAh External Battery Portable Dual USB Charger Power Bank. Its very portable and pretty lightweight. It can charge two electronic devices at once. Just be sure to buy a power source thats compatible with their devices. Not all USB plugs are created equally.

6. Gift cards! If you just aren't sure what the convention goer in your life might need, get them a gift card. Good places are Think Geek and Jinx for apparel and accessories, any craft store if they're cosplayers, Starbucks (because conventions and making cosplays require caffeine), and Netflix, so they can keep up on their fandoms or discover some new ones.  

So these are  my suggestions for gifts to give the avid convention goer. Did I miss anything? Also, you may have noticed that this gift guide was not done in the same way that my other gift guides have been. The reason for that is because I am reviewing one of these items tomorrow, and you get a chance to win it!! Yay!!! 


  1. The handbag of holding!!! I want that SO BADLY!

  2. Its on sale right now for Black Friday! Its $24.99 instead of its usual $49.99. I convinced my husband to finally buy it for me, but he said I can't have it until Christmas. At least it will finally be mine :)

  3. I LOVE my Handbag of Holding! I'm working on writing up a blog post about all of the stuff I keep in mine! That or I'm going to write a post about all the things I *would* put in it if there was a zombie apocalypse! Honestly, decision-making isn't my strong suit. I hope you love yours and am so excited that your husband swooped in and bought it for you! (I got it at its sale price, too!)

  4. <3 Chris Hardwick, is that a real item? Clicking the link now! :)

  5. Those R2D2 pants are awesome and I love those journals!

  6. I want those R2D2 pants so bad! And the journal is super awesome.

  7. I couldn't believe that the hoodie was a real thing, but it is! I don't know if I could pull that off because I would forget that I was wearing posters and probably poke people with them, but I still think its pretty cool for the more coordinated!

  8. Both of those posts sound awesome and I would read them! I'm nosy though, so I love those "what's in my bag" posts lol. And theoretical "what's in my bag" posts are equally as fun :)


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