Monday, November 24, 2014

Gift Guide- Minecraft

I can't believe the time has come to start thinking about Christmas! I feel like just the other day I was bemoaning my way through summer, wishing for fall. I thought I'd start making some gift guides to share with you guys, mostly because I like making things like this, and also because it helps me keep track of things that I might like to buy for someone (or  might like to have someone buy for me!!). Today's gift guide is all about Minecraft. My eight year old son is in love with this game. He plays on the PS3 with some of his friends from school. And when he can't find one of them to play with, he enlists his four year old sister. She is actually pretty good at it too. I have tried to play it, and I suck. I also don't have the patience for it. Constantly breaking all those dirt blocks.....

A lot of Minecraft stuff can be found at You can find some of Jinx's stuff at Target though, and sometimes its cheaper than actually buying from Jinx. At least when it comes to the shirts- toys are the same price (unless Target is having a sale or has a Cartwheel for them). Etsy is also very good if you're looking for something with a homemade touch. Think Geek and Barnes and Noble are very good places to find Minecraft items that may be sold out on other sites. Today's gift guides are kind of a mishmash for any age/any gender that likes to play the game.

Minecraft Guide 1

Minecraft Guide 2

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