Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Casual Costume- Person In An Ugly Holiday Sweater

I wanted to write about ugly Christmas sweaters, but it just felt wrong to make it a gift guide, so its a Casual Costume instead. Call it, Person Wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater Unironically, or something. I think its great that stores intentionally make ugly sweaters every year. I don't have the occasion to wear one, I don't know anyone that throws Ugly Sweater parties. I'm always grateful that Target makes sock versions of their ugly sweaters, I usually just buy those. This year I did buy the Feliz Navidad sweater from Target thats down below though. I just couldn't resist those smiling cacti! I'm hoping that I'll have somewhere to wear it soon.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

These came from KohlsTargetModcloth and Teefury. Some of these sweaters and sweatshirts are men's, it seems like they get the ugliest sweaters lol. The Modcloth sweaters are female, and the Teefury ones have the option to be bought in either men's or women's sizes.


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